The Easter Bunny’s Coming! 

Spring is in the air and that only means one thing: the Easter Bunny is hopping it’s way to you! Whether you’re an Easter enthusiast or are a sucker for all things sweets, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a roundup of five decorative and delicious desserts to celebrate Spring, that don’t involve Peeps. But hey, who knows? You may just see a bunny, or two. 

The Food Network’s Carrot Cake Trifle 

Spring has sprung, so bring on the strawberries, graham crackers, and whipped cream! This parfait like trifle is sure to be a winner at your Easter party; it’s just as tasty as it is pretty. The Foodnetwork’s website has all for details on this “springtastic” recipe. 

Martha Stewarts Coconut Chick Cupcakes

Nope, no Peeps here, just a couple of Martha’s coconut cupcake chicks.  Because who doesn’t love some spongy vanilla-bean cupcakes? Bring on that toasty, sweet coconut crunch!

Meghan McGarry’s Easter Egg Nest Cupcake

Your easter egg hunt just got a little bit easier with this festive dessert (you’re welcome!) Meghan McGarry's (a.k.a. the buttercream blondie) recipe is filled with color, fun-- oh and creamy custard. Be sure to check out “buttercream blondie"on Instagram and online

Pillsbury’s “Bunny Butts”

These bunny booties didn’t quite make it down the rabbit hole. Check out Pillsbury’s quick and easy recipe on how to make the cutest and tastiest sugar-cookie bunny booties! All you’ll need is Pillsbury sugar-cookie dough, Pillsbury vanilla frosting, pink candies, and fluffy mini marshmallows. 

PankoBunny’s Bunny Ear Cupcakes

These babies are “edorable!” Yep, thats right, edible and adorable. Check out Panko Bunny’s YouTube Channel to learn more about how to make this decadent, sweet treat! 

Hip, hop, hurray! That's a wrap for this Easter Dessert Recipe Roundup. "Hoppy” Easter bunnies!