There may be some people who hate the vibrant, sickly sweet Easter treats, but Peeps have captured the majority of our nation’s hearts. With absurd amounts of Peeps merchandise and even Peeps art competitions, people seem to be riding high on the Peeps sugar rush.

For those of you who can’t get enough of these saccharine treats, we have compiled 13 unique ways to eat your Peeps.  And for those of you can’t stomach these sweets on their own, these recipes will let you enjoy Peep Mania all year long.

1. Peeps S’mores


Photo by Lily Stephens

Peeps reign supreme over the boring marshmallow.  And plus no campfire needed for this colorful twist on the gooey classic.

2. Peeps Rice Krispies


Photo by Rachel Munson

Adding these pastel treats to the popular rice krispie makes them a little bit sweeter. Obviously, you would rather eat pink than white.

3. Cosmopeepatin


Photo by Olivia Benjamin

Your average cosmo just got so much better with fluffed marshmallow vodka. The Cosmopeepatin cocktail will send your taste buds soaring.

4. Peeps Popcorn


Photo courtesy of @grain.changer on Instagram

Peepcorn: the new kettle corn.  A few of these sweet kernels will send your tastebuds soaring.

5. Deep Fried Peeps


Photo courtesy of @cutelittlecakeshop on Instagram

Need I say any more than fried? Check out these ungodly treats these ungodly treats to fulfill all of your fried food dreams.

6. Peeps Marshmallow Pops


Photo Courtesy of @amanda.d.sweeting on Instagram

Trade the chocolate covered pretzel for chocolate covered peeps.  The bunny won’t disappoint you.

7. Peeps Fondue


Photo courtesy of @clairestagrams on Instagram

Or go for decadent fondue if you’re not patient enough to let the chocolate dry.  Just dip and devour.

8. Peeps Cookies


Photo courtesy of @tartbymichellecure on Instagram

Who wouldn’t want a little extra gooeyness to chocolate chip cookies? Trust me, the peep addition is life changing.

9. Peeps Frosting


Photo courtesy of Toni Spilsbury

Peeps making frosting cupcakes so much easier.  No pans necessary.

10. Peeps Sushi


Photo courtesy of @nila_129 on Instagram

Peeps rolls: coming to your nearest sushi restaurant this spring. Step aside spicy tuna.

11. Peeps Bark


Photo courtesy of @kerigiordano on Instagram

Break me off a piece of this bark, please. White chocolate never tasted so good.

11. Peeps Brownies


Photo courtesy of @bohemian_shadow on Instagram

Make your brownies a little bit happier with this recipe. Don’t worry, we won’t tell if you eat the whole pan.

13. Peeps Pizza


Photo courtesy of @jerseypizzaco on Instagram

Cookie dough + chocolate + peeps = heaven. You don’t need anything else for this pizza.