Tomato, Tomahto: How to Dice Tomatoes like a Pro

The finely diced tomato is a staple to many dishes, whether it's for your homemade salsa, chopped salad, or a bruschetta appetizer. We all know that getting that perfect dice is a challenge, and for the sake of time and energy, the dice easily strays to an awkwardly shaped chop. Now with these simple four steps, your diced tomato will transform from chunky to chiseled: this is how to dice tomatoes. 

1. Cut it in Half

The placement of the slice is very important: right next to the stem of the tomato. #Spoontip: use a serrated knife. The jagged edge of a serrated knife allows you to cut into the tomato while keeping it nice and firm. 

2. Gut the Stem

Gutting the stem here is key to minimize the amount of tomato wasted. Also, nobody wants to find this weird greenish-white thing in their food. So cut it out.

3. Slice it!

Here, thinness is KEY. This is where the serrated knife comes in handy; you want your slices to be thin and even. 

4. Slice It Again!

This time, you're slicing the opposite way, against your previous cut. Thinness, again, is key, because this will determine the size of your dice. It's really important to use a serrated knife and to go slowly.

You're All Done. 

Gone are the days of oversized and uneven tomato chunks. With these four simple steps, your finely diced tomatoes will never look more appealing. Your family and friends will be impressed with the tiny dice you've accomplished. With this dice, your chopped salad has never been more chopped, your salsa never juicier, and your bruschetta never prettier. Dice away, chefs!