I know, I know. This headline sounds a little hostile to overnight oats. Don't get it twisted, I understand why people enjoy these little mason jars full of a quick to-go breakfast. You can customize your oats with your preferred milk, honey, chia seeds, chocolate chips, and the like. There are even recipes for pumpkin spice-flavored overnight oats. Personally, I loathe them. I am a pastry girl through and through, and I always crave something warm, buttery, or salty in the morning. Overnight oats offer me nothing but a sad, sloppy, cold morning, regardless of how easy it is to prep them and store them in my work bag. With that being said, if you're like me, and are not *into* TikTok's obsession with overnight oats ideas, allow me to introduce you to the world of more breakfast meal prep recipes. From sweet and syrupy, to savory and succulent, these recipes are equal parts easy to prep and easy to grab in the morning for a delicious start to the day. 

 Breakfast Burrito 

TikTok user @teachertastes is all about making fun and fresh meal prep recipes for people always on the go. I am personally obsessed with these easy breakfast burrito meal prep ideas, and it's pretty cheap for the amount of food you'll have. Just make your egg mixture with your choice of cheese, breakfast meat, or veggie, and wrap it in a tortilla. You'll be able to throw these in your bag with some little hot sauce packets. You can have them cold or warmed up in your microwave or oven if you have access to them. TikTok user Jason Alexander Kim notes that these can be frozen for a few weeks, as well. 


This breakfast meal prep doesn't require you to turn on your oven or stove top at all! Grab frozen mini pancakes and mini sausage patties, as well as eggs. In a glass container, add your eggs to one side, and make little pancake/sausage sandwiches on the other side. If you have an extra compartment or to-go sauce container, pour in your syrup for dipping, of course. In the morning, microwave your glass container for two minutes, and you'll have your own eggs and mini McGriddles-style sandwiches. 

Breakfast Sandwiches

TikTok user @sailor_bailey loves these breakfast sandwich meal prep options. She mixes eggs with salt, spinach, tomatoes, and feta, but you can use whatever add-ins you prefer. She toasts English muffins, melts cheddar onto the bread, adds her scrambled eggs, and eats them throughout the week. You can also freeze these for up to three months. 

Breakfast Cookies

Yes, grabbing a muffin or cinnamon roll is always a fabulous move in the morning. However, this breakfast cookie recipe sets you up for success with its sweetness and its protein content. Plus, it only has four ingredients! Mix two ripe bananas, 1/2 cup peanut butter, one cup of oats, and chocolate chips. Add them in the oven (or air fryer) at 350º for 10-ish minutes. You'll have a delicious little treat for your morning commute.

Breakfast Snack Box

The appeal of overnight oats lies in its simplicity and lack of needing to cook a single thing. We can apply that mentality to making a breakfast snack box with store-bought and individually-wrapped items. You can take your favorite fruits and veggies, cheese sticks, granola bars, hard-boiled eggs, hummus, and crackers, and keep them in a to-go container for an easy grab-and-go, no-heat-required breakfast. I would personally fill mine with strawberries, deli turkey slices, mozzarella pearls, and one of those breakfast cookies. Call that prepped and balanced!