Apple-picking is a staple fall activity. If you’re like me, you haul yourself out of bed before noon on a weekend and drag yourself to an apple farm with your friends for the sake of climbing ladders to pick the best apples you can find while narrowly dodging the crossfire of the inevitable apple-fight. And now, it’s almost Thanksgiving and you still haven’t gone through all of your bounty (though you’ve most likely run out of ways to make apples seem appetizing). If you are still trying to do something with those apples clinging to the bottom of your fridge, I have some answers.

Apple Pie Baked in an Apple


Photo courtesy of Sandy Huang

You may think devouring a whole apple pie by yourself is a good idea…at least until you finish it. Instead, satisfy your craving with this indivdual inverted treat. It’s like pie-ception.

Caramel Apples


Photo courtesy of Anna Polovick

In sweet tooth limbo between Halloween and Thanksgiving? Re-purpose Halloween candy to make these caramel apples. Try it with some candy corn.



Photo courtesy of Olivia Mattyasovszky

This is for the ambitious apple picker that went out on opening day. Chances are your apples are probably getting a little nasty by now, and this recipe is conveniently the best with old, mushy apples. German potato pancakes and applesauce? Yes.

How you like them apples?