Next time your skin is feeling a little run down, look no further than your pantry. With only 3 ingredients (coffee grounds, coconut oil, and essential oil), you can whip up the perfect DIY coffee scrub to give your skin the pampering it deserves. 

Let's take a look at some recipes for a DIY body scrub and a facial using ingredients you probably already have on hand. Used coffee grounds are also welcomed—happy planet AND happy skin!

1. Coffee Grounds

As a huge coffee lover, I completely understand the appeal of rubbing the grounds all over my body. However, if you're less than convinced, just think of coffee grounds as a tool that not only gently exfoliates, but brightens and invigorates. It's literally a tiny caffeine-jolt for your skin! 

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Abby Reisinger

2. Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is a trending ingredient in both cooking and cosmetics. Used in everything from energy bars to teeth-whitening, there's no doubt about the usefulness of this buttery substance. Coconut oil is also known for being a rich and intense moisturizer, making it perfect for skincare. 

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3. Essential Oils

The fun part about this DIY is the endless options for fragrance. Essential oils are a bit more expensive than the other ingredients on the list, but a little goes a long way. EO'S also have many different uses and last for a long time. 

My favorite scent for this scrub is peppermint because it's invigorating and refreshing, but oils such as eucalyptus or rose would also work well.  

Sophie Bolich

How It Works:

Coffee works as a gentle exfoliant to sweep away dead skin cells and reveal smoother, healthier skin. 

Coconut oil is an intense moisturizer that naturally restores and locks in moisture. It also boasts anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It's better at penetrating skin than other moisturizers too, for a deeper healing experience. 

Essential oils contribute different benefits depending on the scent. Lavender is calming, peppermint is energizing, rose is an antiseptic (and aphrodisiac!), etc.

After using this scrub my skin was noticeably brighter and smoother. When used regularly, others have reported a reduction in cellulite and stretch marks as well. 

What To Do: DIY Coffee Scrub

1.Add ~1/4 cup of used coffee grounds, 1/4 cup softened coconut oil, and one drop essential oil of choice to a bowl. 

2. Mix with a spoon or your hands until a paste forms

3. Stand in a hot, steamy shower for a few minutes. While still in the shower, apply scrub liberally allllllll over your face and body, scrubbing in gentle, circular motions. 

4. Rinse with cool water.

5. Enjoy glowy, refreshed and delicious smelling skin!

*Disclaimer: The scrub tends to get everywhere in the tub, but rinses off easily. Just be sure to take a few minutes right away to rinse the shower when you're done so the coffee won't stain. 

P.S. Like everything in life, this project is improved with a cup of piping coffee on the side. 

Sophie Bolich

It's extremely important to take time to relax and take care of yourself, especially at stressful times during the semester.

I know self-care is more than just facials, but doing this scrub is a good step towards more focused self-care. 

Take a break and slow down for a minute; treat the one body you have with care.