Ah, the humble s'more. This childhood summer favorite isn't complete without crispy graham crackers, smooth melted chocolate, and the gooey drip of hot marshmallow all over your mouth when you take a bite. It seems like nothing can be more perfect than the taste and texture of a s'more by the fire. But I can assure you, it can. Here are some of my creative takes on the traditional s'more, inspired by both Pinterest and my summers as a camp counselor.

Peanut Butter Lovers

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Lynden Orr

Substitute a square of Hershey's chocolate with a Reese's peanut butter cups, switch out the graham cracker for two nutter-butter wafer cookies, and add a quick slab of peanut butter before you close the whole s'more up.

Sea Salt Caramel 

Add in a square of caramel candy and a tiny pinch of sea salt on top of the chocolate before you close the s'more. 

Toffee Crunch

Instead of a graham cracker, try using Ritz crackers! Then, switch that chocolate out with a bite-size health bar. I think the best part is after everything is sandwiched together, roll the whole s'more in crushed pretzel pieces. 

Oreo Cookie

It's time to break out the Oreo cookie package! Substitute graham crackers for either Oreo cookies (split open & leave the filling in) or chocolate graham crackers. You can use a Hershey's Cookies & Creme bar for the chocolate. When it's done, roll the s'more in crushed Oreo pieces for some yummy goodness. 

Sunday Breakfast

I like to think this is the trickiest of the s'more combinations, but certainly worth the while. You can go a lot of different places with the graham cracker base; I suggest using thin Stroopwaffle cookies. Add a couple slices of bacon, chocolate, and the marshmallow. Dust the outside in maple sugar, or serve with maple syrup to dip. 

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Jocelyn Hsu


Use a mini-Snickers bar for this adaptation. You might have to flatten it using a rolling pin before you add it to your s'more, but you get all that nougat-y goodness. Roll in crushed peanuts as desired.

Hit the Trails

This one is for the outdoor adventurer among us. Use a Hershey's Almond bar instead of normal chocolate and roll in crushed pecans, almonds, granola, sunflower seeds, and mini chocolate chips. 

Maple Walnut

You can use your own homemade maple cookies, or some of Trader Joe's maple cookies for this version. Split them open, add your toppings, and roll in crushed walnuts and maple sugar. 

Birthday Cake

Get your sprinkle on with these birthday cake s'mores. Instead of graham crackers, use your favorite sugar or funfetti cookies. Then roll the s'more in sprinkles!

Photo by Amber Walker on Unsplash

Unsplash on unsplash