When it comes to potlucks, I always volunteer to make a dessert. But since my partner got food poisoning the same day he had my peanut butter pie(totally unrelated I promise), I'm forbidden from making it for another year or two. Thankfully, he bought me, "Dining In," Alison Roman's new cookbook for Christmas. The book is filled with kick ass recipes, but everyone seems to be drawn to her Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies - so I decided to make a batch for a get-together a few weeks back. They were a hit and have become my latest obsession. I've made them twice since.

Breaking The Internet

Since the book's release, Roman has been flooded with tagged photos of fans who have been making (and raving about) the Chocolate Chunk Cookies. So much so, that when she reposts them on her story there's always a disclaimer. Recently, she posted a video on her story giving a play by play on how to make the trending cookies. Above is a clip from her series of cooking select items from the book. The witty, Bon Appetit contributor is easily one of my favorite follows on IG (@AlisoneRoman). Okay, enough fan grilling, time for the cookies.

Update: Her second cookbook is in the works!

Remember to Share

Each recipe in Roman's book has little notes that make you feel like she's in the room with you talking shit. This adult version of chocolate chip cookies will make you wonder how you've ever lived without them before. The best thing about them, the dough doesn't include any dairy or egg... so your parents can't yell at you for smacking the leftover dough while waiting for the first batch to bake. I prefer to make the cookies with dark semi-sweet bakers chocolate rather than milk chocolate. Prior to baking these chocolate chunk cookies, you roll the dough into logs, chill for two hours then brush them with a whisked egg followed by rolling them in demerara sugar (can be found by Truvia at Publix). Oh, and kosher salt for sprinkling. Grab your flour, sugar, vanilla extract, light brown sugar and ALL of the butter to make your batch for the next potluck. Bake, post and tag Alison Roman to get reposted on her story - NOTICE ME, SENPAI.

Grab your copy of "Dining In" by Alison Roman here!