I was at the local farmers market last weekend, and I enjoyed myself as I always do. I came across a booth that I’ve eyed every week that sells kombucha and mushrooms. I’m always tempted to pick up a bundle of mushrooms, but I don’t really know how to prepare them. Mushrooms are great for you and are a very sustainable food source, so I wanted to eat them more. Turns out, there are lots more ways to eat mushrooms other than just on pizza, and there are so many more mushrooms than just portobello. I dove into the realm of possibilities of edible fungi by searching for all the best ways to cook with mushrooms using these delicious mushroom recipes.

Braised King Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms have a briney seafood flavor, which is where their name comes from. Braising oyster mushrooms, specifically king-sized ones, make for a lovely savory dish that kind of looks like a scallop when cut a certain way.

Lion’s Mane Steak

This one makes me rejoice as a lover of steak. Who would have thought you could just sear and flatten some lion’s mane and it would turn into a meaty steak that pulls apart like the real thing? I don’t think I’ll ever be vegetarian but this recipe might get me closer and closer to a less meaty future. Lion’s mane has a very mild flavor, so it’ll soak up any seasonings or sauces you flavor it with. I bet some liquid smoke would be great for turning shroom to steak.

Fried Enoki Mushrooms

These fried Enoki mushrooms look tender and succulent, and rip apart just like meat. Bread and spice them to transform them into a real treat. The flavor is mild and a little sweet, making it a great flavor sponge. This recipe is as simple as making regular fried chicken, although you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving it a little pink. Just toss the shrooms in a milk or milk substitute and then bread with spices like paprika and thyme.

Lobster Mushroom Rolls

The neat thing about lobster mushrooms is that you basically prepare them the same way you would prepare lobster without the boiling and horrific screaming sound. Douse 'em in butter and fry ‘em up. In this recipe, you get a creamy delicious sandwich with no lobster. Lobster mushrooms, like oyster mushrooms, have a seafood flavor, although lobster mushrooms are much stronger in flavor.

Cajun Lobster Mushroom Alfredo

Going back to the lobster mushrooms, here is a recipe for one of my favorites, cajun alfredo. I like my alfredo with shrimp, so I just know that lobster mushrooms would be a perfect flavor complement to this dish. Not to mention that user @turnipvegan makes it look so creamy and flavorful.

Nashville Hot Chicken Of The Woods Tenders

Now we are getting into the hard hitter of the mushroom world. It’s chicken of the woods, known for tasting similarly to chicken in texture and taste. You’ll notice that user @turnipvegan, who created this recipe, soaks the mushroom in faux chicken bouillon, which adds extra chicken-y flavor. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: mushrooms are flavor sponges.