Florence, Italy, the place where diets go to die and pizza, pasta, panini, and gelato become the only four food groups. The most surprising addition to many of the carbohydrate-filled meals: fruit. Check out my favorite fruit infused dishes to order at your next Florentine dinner. 

Fiocchetti di Pera from Trattoria 4 Leoni 

Translation: Pear Pasta

parsley, cheese, cream, ravioli, sauce, pasta
Molly Delmore

By my third visit to 4 Leoni, I considered switching up my usual order, however, when the waiter made the round to my end of the table, the pear pasta was the only dish that came to mind. I could eat five servings at one meal if my belt loops and wallet allowed. This meal is hands down one of the best in Florence. 

Filetto al Mirtillo from Acqua al 2

Translation: Filet Mignon with a blueberry reduction sauce

Acqua al 2 is known for amazing steak. One of the most popular orders Assagio di Secondi includes a trio of the house steaks. Cooked in a balsamic and blueberry reduction sauce, this amazing creation takes steak seasoning to a whole new level. Prepare your taste buds for a juicy, yet fruity tasting filet. 

Riso alle Fragola from Osteria De' Benci

Translation: Strawberry Risotto

beef, parsley, fish, risotto, meat, pork, rice
Molly Delmore

I'm going to be honest, generally, risotto doesn't jump out at me on any menu, but with the recommendation for Osteria De' Benci, came the suggestion to order the strawberry risotto. This risotto did not disappoint and I nearly licked the bowl leaving not a grain to show. 

#SpoonTip: Also order the Ubricona (The Drunkard Spaghetti) and split both dishes with a friend

Pecorino di Fossa con Pere from La Giostra

Translation: Pear and Pecorino Ravioli 

meat, cheese, vegetable, basil, sauce, cream, pasta, tortellini, ravioli
Molly Delmore

La Giostra's beautiful candlelit atmosphere is the perfect dinner spot to bring mom and dad. Patrons are welcomed with a glass of prosecco and an appetizer platter, but after the appetizer, the must-order item is the pear and pecorino pasta. Although it appears small at first, prepare your stomach for a rich cheesy filling. 

Gnocchi Arrostiti con Mela Verde from La Menagere

Translation: Roasted Gnocchi with Apples

potato, corn
Molly Delmore

La Menagerie perfect the quaint coffee shop by day to animated, live music filled dining experience at night. I highly recommend La Menagere for all meals, but dinner definitely stood apart from the rest. My favorite order, the roasted gnocchi took a spin on the traditional Italian dish. Highly recommend pairing with one of their delicious cocktails or a glass of wine. 

After creating this list, I found myself reminiscing about the delectable flavors, spices and spreads I had the opportunity to taste this semester and I would like to share one piece of advice with future travelers and study abroad students: Visit the museums, experience the culture and art, but most importantly indulge in all the mouth-watering Florence food.