Admit it- we've all started a diet or joined a gym come January 1st at some point. Despite our best intentions to be a healthier and fitter version of ourselves, the motivation slowly fades and we end up right where we started–but not this year. This year we don't need a diet because this year we have the anti-new year's diet. Instead of going cold-turkey and spending hours in the gym every day, these tips will help you lead a better and healthier lifestyle that you can actually maintain. 

1) Add to your diet 

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Meredith Ross

That's right, I said it. Eat more. The key here is not to cut out anything from your previous diet, but to add more fruits and vegetables. This will leave you just as satisfied and full, but you end up eating much less of foods that might not be as great for you, and you easily cut down on calories. If you're feeling really ambitious, eat an apple or a banana before every meal so you can make more rational decisions about your intake without feeling deprived. 

2) Don't do a juice cleanse 

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Katie Walsh

A juice cleanse is a quick fix, not a sustainable diet solution. However, if you do want to give your body a break and restart your healthy habits, do a sugar cleanse or cut out processed foods. In both cases, you should focus on only eating whole foods (no, not the store), and especially whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. This will make you feel great, give you energy, and create a sustainable calorie deficit. A plant-based diet is the best diet for your health AND your hips. 

3) Old habits die hard

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Tess Tarantino

We all have that thing that gets us through the day- chocolate after lunch, ice cream in the evening, or a decadent Starbucks drink. Although these aren't bad in moderation, they might be a good target if you want to lose weight. However, these daily foods are ingrained as a habit so the best way to stop is to replace them with something else. Treat yourself to an extra Netflix episode, take a walk, call your mom, or grab a bowl of fruit. This will keep you full and allow you to realize that you don't need the treat. 

4) Whole grains are your friend

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Christin Urso

Unlike refined grains, whole grains are "whole" and therefore contain the germ and bran, in addition to the refined nutrient-deficient carbohydrate portion found in white flour. This means that they contain all of the macro and micronutrients that the seed needs to grow, and will provide you with an abundance of great minerals and vitamins. There are many different types of delicious whole grains available such as quinoa, wheat berry, buckwheat, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and oats. They also make and keep you full much longer, which means that you have to eat fewer calories to feel just as full. No deprivation here! 

5) Change the way you workout

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Julia Gilman

The most effective way to workout for weight-loss and being fit is undoubtably to be constantly active. However, if you jump into your new year's resolution by spending three hours in the gym every day doing hours of cardio and resistance exercises, you will quickly be too sore to move and will burn out quickly. Instead, spend less time at the gym but make it a sustainable habit and incorporate activities such as walking more into your daily routine. It's also imperative to change up your workouts so that you don't get bored. Fun activities include yoga, spin classes, barre classes, lifting weights, going swimming, hiking, running on the beach, etc. 

6) Change your attitude

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Shelby Cohron

When motivation is high, it is easy to think that you will work out every day because you want to get fit. However, it is critical to the anti-new year's diet that you have additional reasons for going to the gym because they will inspire you when your motivation is low. Exercise is also great for mental clarity, happiness (we all love endorphins), and even for digestion. In fact, exercise reduces the amount you bloat and makes you look great without losing any weight at all. 

Even with all of these tips, moving to a long-term healthier lifestyle can be extremely difficult. Just remember that this is the anti-new year's diet, so being too hard on yourself won't help. Instead, focus on making small sustainable changes, and you will get better results than any new year's resolution has ever gotten you!