Spending most days working from home can start to feel a little bit cabin fever-y. For the perfect balance I need to get out, catch a bit of fresh air with a whole new atmosphere, and something new to look at, other than that old couch that desperately needs to be thrown out. So, it is important to know the best NYC coffee shops for when you have work to do.

The criteria is simple, a good coffee shop to get work done has to have at the very least four things. In no particular order, it needs a great coffee, be decently quiet, good seating, and of course, good wifi. 

1. Cafe Jax

Located on the Upper East Side, Cafe Jax might not look like a lot in the beginning. There is minimal seating in the front with very small tables. However, the hidden gem in this establishment is located downstairs. The basement has tons of seating, great wifi, and the option to sit out on a patio area for that much needed fresh air.  

2. Freehold

From tons of seating to a grassy outdoor area, this is the perfect hipster coffee shop to get some work done during the day in Williamsburg. By night, Freehold turns into a friendly bar where people come together and drink. With both the earlybird and late night hours, you can stop by at any time. 

3. Whynot Coffee

Interested in a relaxed and laid-back coffee shop that offers great baked goods and drinks? Whynot Coffee might be the place for you. Located in East Village, Whynot gives you the option of either sitting inside or outside of the modernly designed coffee shop. 

4. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

With two locations, one in Greenwich Village and the other located in Ace Hotel New York, Stumptown Coffee Roasters offers a cozy atmosphere to every customer. The coffee shop offers free wifi, comfy seating, and open lighting. Definitely a place worth getting out of the apartment for. 

5. Grounded Organic Coffee & Tea House

If you are a plant lover, you will probably enjoy this place regardless of if you are looking for a place to get some work done. With plenty of cushioned seats, there are many more plants in Grounded. The West Village coffee ship prides itself on its nature friendly environment. 

While the 'best coffee' is a relative term, the best coffee shops for getting work done is not. The atmosphere has to be perfect in order to be productive. That is why it is important to pick the right one, and you can be a little adventurous while you're at it.