Halloweekend is just days away, so it’s practically Christmas already. While you may still be frantically searching for a costume or scrambling to find going out plans, the days of hot cocoa and mistletoe are just around the corner (Christmas day is 60 days from now, to be exact).

And, to prime yourself for the festive season, what’s more fitting than a fun little drink? These snow globe-inspired cocktails from @cocktails on Instagram are the perfect addition to a holiday gathering, party, or to keep all for yourself!

How to make a snow globe cocktail

The ingredients are simple enough: you’ll need a fancy glass of your choice, water, cranberries, a spring of rosemary, string, and your favorite seltzer or wine (a transparent seltzer or white wine is advisable for the best visual results!)

Begin by filling your glass half full with water, and then add your cranberries. Take your rosemary and tie the piece of string around the top of it. Place the rosemary spring so it is upright in the middle of the glass, and tape the string onto the sides of the glass so it stays in that position. Freeze overnight or for a few hours.. You’re already halfway there!

After freezing, wipe any condensation off of the glass and remove the string. Then, simply add your wine or seltzer on top. Now you have a frosty drink that’s giving all the snowglobe nostalgia. Pair with gingerbread cookies, candy canes, or whatever your holiday M.O. is.