It’s Friday night and you’re ready to start the weekend with some fun. You’re in the process of picking out somewhere to go, you have an outfit you want to wear, and you call up your best friend to figure out exactly what’s going down… Aaaaand they’re busy. They have a date night with their significant other. You call up another friend. They also have a date, and so do most of your other friends. What does this mean? 1. You need to plan better. 2. You need more single friends. Single people need single friends.  

Just like couples love going on double dates (with good reason), single people need to go out with other single people.

1. Your wingman

When you’re out on the prowl looking for someone to dance or talk with, you need someone who is willing to go all out. For the wingman, this means taking one for the team and talking to that person you don’t want to get with, acting as a human shield, or making themselves seem less appealing for you to get the win. This job is perfect for other single friends. You can be their wingman too and hook it up for them.

2. You can stay out until the sun comes up

It’s 9 p.m. and your best friend is here like “Hey we’re heading out. We want some alone time to cuddle and watch Netflix.” That’s great, but as the single person, you don’t need that extra time. At 9 p.m. the world is still full of endless opportunities to do something fun or stupid. So, you might respond to your best friend with, “You want to leave now? I just took a shot of fireball and finished an energy drink (which is NEVER a good idea). I don’t think I’ll live if I don’t party off this energy.”

3. Have fun scheduling alone time

It’s not always the case but scheduling alone time with a person in a relationship can get as complicated as Avril Lavine circa 2002. You’re actually planning with three people, not two. You, on the other hand probably live life fast and loose. You can make plans at a moment’s notice.

4. Less restrictions

Single people by definition have restrictions. If they want to take a random day trip or sleep with that person they just laid eyes on, they can.

5. You can be selfish

No compromises. No fights. No complications. You can do exactly what you want with your time, money, and morals. Your time as a single person is a time to learn what you love doing and how to depend on yourself. It’s your time to be free.

6. You need someone who gets you

At the end of the day you love your bff, with or without their significant other you will still love them, but you’re both in different places mentally. They’re committed and comfortable in their life. You’re looking for new people and new adventures. Sometimes they just don’t get it.

Being single is a wonderful time to explore new things, meet plenty of people and be as selfish as you can be. Being in a relationship is just as fun, but a different kind. Single people need single friends who relate, who can be the ultimate wingman, who will want to stay out with them later, and who is their partner in crime.