It might be cold outside, but everyone loves to crank the heat up during the winter months. So when you are clothed like a seven-layered dip and walk into your toasty house, you need this drink to cool you off. Frozen hot chocolate makes its buck during the summertime, but who doesn't love to think about the warm breeze and long sunny days during this time of year. Even better, this healthy frozen hot chocolate is actually doing your summer bod a favor. Unlike other winter sweets and drinks, it's not hitting the calories too hard. 

Emma Henzes

This super simple healthy treat will hit the sweet tooth spot. It simply has frozen yogurt, Cocoa powder, milk of your choice, and vanilla extract.

To be exact:

Emma Henzes

-2 tablespoons Cocoa powder

-1 teaspoon vanilla extract 

-1 cup frozen yogurt

-1/2 cup milk

-1 cup crushed ice

Put it all into a blender. And blend until desired consistency. This drink can be customized in about any way possible. Let your imagination run wild, just think over-the-top drinks. You can add in peppermint extract, caramel sauce, hot fudge, strawberries, bananas, peanut butter-- literally anything. A classic look is topped with whipped cream and some marshmallows. But the simplest and healthiest way is using just those five ingredients.