In the modern world of food porn, there are milkshakes and there are milkshakes. The old-fashioned thick frappes we grew up on have now been pimped out with some crazy toppings, and it's freaking insane. Check out the craziest milkshakes in the world and hope that you won't get a sugar coma upon viewing. 

I would 10/10 recommend bringing a friend if you want to order one of these bad boys, for they are not for the weak. Now get to slurping. 

Black Tap

I'm going to start with the obvious. You, your mother, and your kindergarten best friend have all been dying to try the infamous Black Tap milkshakes. Be sure to check out this guide so you can avoid the lines

Boston Burger Company

Boston Burger Company takes the #freakfrappes to the next level. Be sure to try the S'more Than You Can Handle for a summer treat, or order a boozy frappe for a night you won't forget.

New Territories

These mason-jar encased drinks are a bit bougie, but New Territories can pull it off. The most popular shake is the Unicorn Parade Milkshake, but if you're tired of the unicorn food scene, check out the Mr. Grumpy shake. New Territories does a quality job representing all the newest food trends, so I would also recommend trying their bubble waffles

Coney Waffle

Right on the beach in Jersey is Coney Waffle, and it's worth a stop in. Their shakes combine some of the best fair foods for a sweet treat. 

Brownstone Pancake Factory

Celebrate #milkshakemonday at the Brownstone Pancake Factory. All of their offerings are hand-spun, and the weekly featured flavor is posted on their Instagram. Past shakes of the week include the Chocolate Covered Potato Chip Shake, a Reese's Peanut Butter Pancake Shake and a Fruity Pebbles Donut and Cupcake Shake.

Cream & Sugar Cafe

The milkshakes at Cream and Sugar are expensive, but you're getting a lot of bang for your buck. I love that they offer a wide variety of flavors — from cotton candy to peanut butter to coconut — you can satisfy almost any craving.

MOP Donuts  

Head down under to Australia to try out MOP Donut's famous "freekshake." One of their shakes is topped with three cheeseburgers(!?!). TBH, not sure I could even handle that. 

Bocas House

The Tres Leches Milkshake at Bocas House is literally insane. You got a slice of tres leches cake on top of an ice cream, all inside of a milkshake. Like, that  is crazy. Come for dinner before, but be sure to save room for dessert. 

Miccos Sno Cones & Shakes

Miccos Sno Cones & Shakes are great because there are 46 flavor bases that you can choose from. While you're there, also check out their sno-cones to cool down on a hot day. 


I hate to recommend another NYC shake place, but Bunsbar offers some of the best milkshakes of all time. The Death by Chocolate is legit to die for: the shake is spiked with Grand Marnier for some additional flavor. 


Bardonna is a classic LA coffee shop with a wicked twist: cereal blended freak frappes. All of them are uniquely flavored and topped with the cereal itself. Yum. 

Birthdae Cake

Birthdae Cake literally fulfills every food trend of 2017: edible cookie dough, cookie dough bars, and unicorn colors. Check these babies out for a stacked shake you'll never forget.

It's summer, the weather is hot AF, so why not treat yo' self to one of the craziest milkshakes you've ever seen. At the very least, it'll be good for the Insta.