To be quite honest with you, I never really understood the appeal of the edible, raw cookie dough craze. It’s not because I hate cookie dough — I mean, I’m not Satan. It’s because I’ve consumed non-edible cookie dough my entire life, and I never once had an issue. All raw cookie dough is edible if you truly ~believe.~ (I’m also not trying to be the first Spoon writer to get sued for someone dying of salmonella poisoning, so consume it at your own risk). But I digress.

The idea of packing my bags and heading up to New York for the original version was rather unappealing. I imagine there's a line similar to that of Space Mountain line at Disney World. Then, to receive an overpriced bowl of something I already consume on the daily? No thanks.

However, when I heard they opened up an impostor in my college town, I ditched my Starbucks Caramel Macchiato for the day and decided to spend my five bucks on a bowl of cookie dough.

Shelby Cohron

*Cue SpongeBob narrator voice* Ahhh, Do-Lish. Ze sweet scent of my summer bikini bod slipping from my fingertips. The location is incredibly close to campus; therefore, if you’d want to slide by after class, it’s not that far of a walk. Keep in mind that they just opened, so there’s a few kinks.

When you walk in, it feels kind of like when you walk into a new home with no furniture... almost hollow.

There’s no tables or anything so everyone was just standing around nibbling on their cups of sugar. People were sitting on the floor too. I don’t mind personally, and I’m sure they’ll get tables soon, but it’s worth mentioning. To my surprise, the line wasn't long when I first came in; however, it started to build up after I got my bowl.

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Shelby Cohron

Your choices for cookie dough are pre-made. There was Movie Night, Cookie Monster, Chocolate Chip, Birthday Cake, etc. All of them usually just had one thing mixed into the base dough. For example, the birthday cake had sprinkles and then the cookies and cream simply had Oreo bits in it. I think it would be effective to do it fro-yo style and have a bar where you can mix in your own toppings.

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Shelby Cohron

I expected it to be cold, which it wasn’t. I probably would rather get ice cream next sugar craving just because I feel like it’s more refreshing. Because of this, it also had a creamier texture.

I overheard an employee talking to a girl who had visited the New York version, who said Do-Lish’s was better because it wasn’t as hard. The employee told her that they had a “secret ingredient” that makes it soft.

I got the smallest size bowl and still couldn’t bring myself to finish it. It was a lot compared to what I'm used to. Naturally, I feel like when anyone eats cookie dough it’s in chunks here and there, not in bulk... unless you suffered a bad breakup or something and you’re sobbing about Jake over the package of dough.

I also was really thirsty because cookie dough tends to have salt in it. They sold water bottles for 75 cents which is a decent price, but I ended up waiting it out. It’d be a nice improvement to have a water cup stand.

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Shelby Cohron

They additionally have other things to eat other than the cookie dough if you're not into that, including cupcakes, baked cookies, Rice Krispie treats, etc. 

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Shelby Cohron

Overall, it was a pretty decent experience and I would recommend, at the very least, checking it out. The staff was sweet, and it is a cute idea for those who are paranoid about getting salmonella poisoning. I feel like we all have that friend that’s like, “Wait guys, but salmonella?” To which we reply, “Okay Jessica, if you hate cookie dough so much why don't you take out the time to bake it.”

I don’t think it was Do-Lish itself which made the experience mediocre, but rather the absence of thrill in eating safe, edible cookie dough. Team salmonella 'till I die. Literally. To check it out for yourself, they’re located at 1113 W. University Ave. and you can find them on Facebook @Do-Lish

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Shelby Cohron