I'm a major snacker. By that, I mean I'm always down for a heaping scoop of popcorn, trail mix or (my favorite) hummus. My personal favorite, hummus, is a snack staple. However, there are so many hummus brands, and it's hard to know which to pick. That's where Sabra comes in. 

Sabra, a hummus brand, is on top of the the snacking game for many reasons. It features a variety of tasty hummus flavors, a short ingredient list and portable options (college students, I'm talking to you). Here are my thoughts after trying several popular Sabra products. 

Classic Hummus

Less is more, am I right? Simple yet satisfying, the Classic Hummus is pretty versatile. Pair it with some salty pretzels, crunchy pita chips or crisp carrots. Be adventurous with this classic spread, your stomach will thank you. 

Taco Inspired Hummus

Ah, the mid-day taco cravings. I'm all too familiar with that sudden, spontaneous urge for a taco. In this case, Sabra's got you covered. It's Taco Inspired Hummus is spiced with taco seasoning and topped with pico de gallo. I would highly recommend pairing this spread with tortilla chips for the ultimate snacking experience. 

Roasted Pine Nut Hummus

This may be my favorite flavor of Sabra's hummus products. The Roasted Pine Nut spread features pieces of pine nuts and red bell peppers. As a result, this hummus has a nice bit to it. This flavor tastes slightly like pesto. What's better than that?

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Smoky and sweet, this hummus flavor is one of my top picks. I've become slightly addicted to slathering a tablespoon onto my sandwiches for some added moisture and rich flavor. 

Greek Inspired Herbs and Olive Oil Hummus

Photo courtesy of Sabra

Drumroll, please. Sabra is releasing a limited edition Greek Inspired spread that'll be available in stores soon. Try not to freak out from excitement—or is that just me? I was able to try it, and I loved it so much that I think it should be a permanent flavor. With lemon and thyme, the flavor of this guy is fresh and creative.

Hummus with Pretzels

It might not be totally convenient to bring a huge tub of hummus with you to class. Sabra understands this and features trendy (and delicious) portable packs of hummus. Bonus: These packs come with pretzels, and they come in a variety of flavors. My favorite to eat with the salted pretzels is the Roasted Red Pepper flavor.

Guacamole Packs

Sabra does more than just hummus. It now has guacamole. I'm a huge fan of these tiny packs because the fat from the avocado keeps you full until your next meal. Did I mention these packs come with a side of Tostitos? Maximum dipping potential, let me tell you. 

Are you hungry yet? Yeah, I thought so. Head to your local grocery store and treat yourself to a tub of mouthwatering Sabra hummus. You might as well buy a couple of the snack packs while you're at it. Okay, maybe just buy all the flavors. I'm not judging.