Halloween was my favorite holiday as a child, and I had one mission to carry out: to get as much candy as my pillowcase and tiny arms could carry. Now, as a college student, I don't get candy unless I buy it myself. I'm okay with that fact now because I've discovered some creative no-bake Halloween recipes I can make right in my dorm to celebrate this holiday like the true adult I am. If you're feeling spooky this October, here are 10 no-bake Halloween recipes you can make in your dorm room:

1. Graveyard dirt

cereal, vegetable
Julia Gilman

Dirt is a classic dessert for children, but it can be spruced up for adults, too. If you want to make a crowd pleaser at your Halloween party, try making this graveyard dirt. All you need is pudding, Oreos, and Milano cookies for tombstones. I wouldn't mind being buried in this graveyard. 

2. Candy Corn Rice Krispie treats

cream, vegetable
Krista Stark

If you have a microwave in your dorm, you have the ability to make some rockin' Rice Krispies treats. Besides the microwave, you need a bowl for melting your marshmallows and butter. Rice Krispies treats can be formed into any shape, so it's up to you whether you make candy corn, pumpkins, Frankenstein, or all three. 

3. Candy corn popcorn hands

chicken, meat, seafood
Erin Livingston

This is one of the most basic no-bake Halloween recipes. For these frightening fingers, you can pop your own popcorn in your dorm and hope the fire alarm doesn't go off, or buy pre-made popcorn. Then all you need are hand-shaped bags (or large latex gloves) and a few pieces of perfectly manicured candy corn nails. 

4. Spider Oreos

sweet, candy, cake, chocolate
Luna Zhang

I don't like spiders or their webs, but I wouldn't mind being caught in this web made of pretzels and chocolate. The creatures that inhabit this web are equally as tasty. To make these creepy crawlers, simply stick some pretzel sticks in an Oreo and plop some M&Ms on top for the eyes. 

5. Chocolate bark

cake, chocolate
Olivia Chadwick

Your Netflix and chill horror movie marathon is about to get even better with this chocolate bark. Satisfy your chocolate cravings with this bark that can be made with sweet and salty toppings. If you want to flashback to your childhood, you could chop up some of your favorite Halloween candies to top this bark off.

6. Monster chocolate covered pretzels

Alyssa Case

Change up the average chocolate covered pretzels by making monster chocolate-covered pretzels. Pretzel rods or mini pretzels can be used for your creatures. You can make a mummy, as shown in the picture above, or whatever monster you come up with. Just slap some chocolate on a pretzel and put an eyeball or two on it. Your monsters will be terrifyingly cute. 

7. Witch cookie hats

cream, sweet, cake, candy, chocolate
Amy Henson

Dressing up as a witch can be fun, but imagine if you could eat your own hat. An edible costume sounds like my kind of costume. For these witch hats, grab some store-bought cookies, frosting, and Hershey's kisses to put them all together. Warning: these cookies might put a spell on you with all their sweetness.  

8. Vampires donuts

Halloween treat vampire donuts teeth chocolate chips

Berries.com on Flickr

To make these vampire donuts, you just need to buy some glazed donuts, chocolate chips, and vampire teeth. If you want to add to the horror aspect, add some red frosting to make your vampire donuts like mini Dracula's.

9. Pumpkin pretzels

cake, sweet, candy
Elizabeth Kim

If you aren't sure which recipe to start with on this list, I would suggest buying a bag of pretzels since they can be used for multiple treats. To make these pumpkin pretzels, melt some orange chocolate in the microwave and get dipping. Green M&Ms work for the stem, but if you don't want to go searching just for the green ones, you can throw on all the colors. I promise they all taste the same.

10. Witches brew

psychedelic punch

byzantiumbooks on Flickr

We need something to wash down all these snacks with, and that's where witches brew punch can help us. All you need to do is pour a bottle of soda in a bowl and throw in a hand or skull (not your own, of course). You could always make this for a party and add some boos if you're of age. 

These no-bake Halloween recipes are sure to sweep people off their broomsticks. This list covers it all, from pumpkins and candy corn to vampires and witches, so no matter what you're feeling this Halloween, one of these recipes is sure to satisfy. Who needs trick-or-treating anyways?