I'm a kombucha lover. It's no surprise (I've written about it before,) and I absolutely love the health benefits. Plus, it tastes phenomenal. So I'm urging you to give kombucha a try this year, whether through a first-time tasting experience or experimenting with new flavors and recipes. Recently, Greenbelt Kombucha gave the the opportunity to use their flavors in my two latest mocktail concoctions. Definitely give these a try (I'm looking at you, Tex-Lex! Greenbelt is located in Austin!)

Are you a Blueberry Acai Yaupon Tea fan?

lemon, juice, citron, lemonade, sweet, lemon peel
Alex Frank

Add lemonade to it! The sweetness of the blueberry combined with the tartness of a nice, sour lemonade make the perfect pairing. Top it off with a lemon peel for some ~zest~.

More of a Pineapple Ginger Turmeric Oolong person?

The pineapple gives some sweetness and acidity, and the ginger and turmeric add a little spice. If you like a lot of spice, I've found that ginger beer ups the heat while still allowing you to taste the pineapple and oolong. Add a little squirt of lime and some frozen cranberries if you're feeling fancy, and you have a drink your friends will envy.