Marshmallows are awesome. And kind of gross. Mostly because you don't really know what's in them. When you pick up a bag of marshmallows its list of ingredients is full of unfamiliar names. If you're like me at all, you balk at this list. You want to know what's actually going in your marshmallows.

Personally, I hate high fructose corn syrup and preservatives in my food. I think they're terrible and definitely have contributed to the rise of obesity in America. Marshmallows, unfortunately, contain both of these. The struggle.

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So, what am I supposed to do if I hate everything that's in commercial marshmallows? Make them myself, obviously. Plus, the customization junkie in me loves the fact I can always infuse or flavor the marshmallows I make at home.

Also, sometimes when the internet tells you to not do something, it’s best to listen. This applies to homemade marshmallows: I attempted to make them using pectin and was left with a horrifying yellow mess. Just order some vegan gelatin to use.


  • Prep Time:1 hr
  • Cook Time:4 hrs
  • Total Time:5 hrs
  • Servings:70
  • Medium


  • 1 cup water
  • 4 1/2 teaspoons gelatin powder
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • Powdered sugar
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  • Step 1

    Grease and dust 8- or 9-in pan with powdered sugar and set aside.

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  • Step 2

    Sprinkle gelatin over 1/2 cup cold water in a small bowl or measuring cup. Stir lightly with a fork. Set aside for at least 5 minutes to let bloom.

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  • Step 3

    Heat the sugar and remaining 1/2 cup water in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring until sugar is dissolved.

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  • Step 4

    Add gelatin and bring to a boil.

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  • Step 5

    Remove saucepan from heat and let sit until lukewarm (about 20-25 minutes).

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  • Step 6

    Pour sugar mixture into the bowl of a mixer and add your vanilla and salt. Beat with whisk attachment on high speed until thick and at least double in volume (triple preferable). This should take 7-8 minutes. If you use a hand mixer it should take about 10 minutes.

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  • Step 7

    Scrape marshmallow mixture into pan and use a rubber spatula to smooth the top.

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  • Step 8

    Set to cool for 4 hours at room temperature (less if in fridge) or overnight.

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  • Step 9

    Cut into squares with a knife dipped in water between each cut. This helps prevent sticking.

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This is a basic vanilla marshmallow recipe. You can always go and add flavors by using powders, extracts, or just straight-up alcohol. Flavors like caramel are a little trickier, but still easy enough to get around.

Suggested variations: lavender, matcha, champagne-infused, raspberry, Earl Grey tea, and salted caramel.