Everything is better fried, the perfect example being potatoes as french fries. That golden crisp exterior with a fluffy, meaty center and the perfect amount of salt makes french fries one of the best things to eat.  Most college campuses, even if french fries are not being served in the dining hall, have restaurants or fast food chains that offer french fries every day, sometimes 24/7. While these places offer easy access to french fries, they can be full of preservatives and other nasty chemicals. Making crispy french fries in your dorm/apartment is healthier and can be a lot of fun.

If you are having friends over for dinner or just want a snack, french fries are easy and cheap to make. There are only three ingredients that you really need to make french fries: potatoes, oil and salt. It can also easily become a group activity with some cutting the potatoes and others frying them. This makes the process even faster and gets everyone involved. Enjoying yourself and achieving your goals has never tasted so good.

Easy Crispy French Fries

  • Prep Time:20 mins
  • Cook Time:20 mins
  • Total Time:40 mins
  • Servings:4
  • Easy


  • 3-3.5 pounds Russet Potatoes
  • 1-2 cups vegetable oil or peanut oil
  • Kosher salt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic powder
  • Fresh cilantro
  • Parsley
  • Grated Parmesan
  • Ketchup - optional
Mackenzie Patel
  • Step 1

    Rinse the potatoes to get rid of any excess dirt. Slice the potatoes lengthwise first, with a width of about half an inch. Then, slice each segment of the potato lengthwise, about half an inch to a quarter of an inch thick, depending on how thick you want your fry. If there are any dark spots, cut them away from the potato you are going to fry.

    Mackenzie Patel
  • Step 2

    After cutting all of your potatoes, soak them in water for about 5 to 10 minutes to get rid of any excess starch. Meanwhile, start heating an inch to an inch and a half of oil in the pot on medium high heat.

    Mackenzie Patel
  • Step 3

    Take the soaked potatoes and dry them with paper towels so the oil won't splatter; once dry, place them into the oil. Turn the stove temperature down to medium, 325-350° Fahrenheit if you are using a thermometer. Cook for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the thickness of the fry. It will be necessary to do this in batches so all of the fries are submerged in oil.

    Mackenzie Patel
  • Step 4

    Place the cooked fries on a paper towel-lined plate so the excess oil doesn't absorb back into the fry. Turn the oil up to high heat, 400-425° Fahrenheit if you are using a thermometer. Allow it to come to temperature for about 30 seconds.

    Mackenzie Patel
  • Step 5

    Place the cooked fries back into the heated oil in batches, and cook until golden (about 4 to 6 minutes). Frying twice is the key to making crispy french fries.

    Mackenzie Patel
  • Step 6

    Place the golden fries on a paper towel so the oil doesn't reabsorb back into the fry and make it soggy.

    Mackenzie Patel
  • Step 7

    Season with kosher salt, pepper, and any additional seasonings like garlic powder, chopped cilantro, or parsley. Serve as is with ketchup or any sauce you like. Making crispy french fries has never been easier.

    Mackenzie Patel