While scrolling through Facebook the other day I came across a video of what I thought was a pasta recipe and it instantly grabbed my attention. I watched for only a few seconds to find out that these ravioli were not the classic ravioli but instead zucchini ravioli. My first thought was 'I wonder how that will taste' because I am a pasta fan despite the fact that I don't eat it a lot. 

After watching the video on repeat, I decided that I was going to attempt to make these ravioli as a healthy alternative to the classic dish. The results that I had were surprising and astonishing to say the least. 

Health Benefits Of Zucchini

Zucchini is one of the many vegetables that can be cooked in a  number of ways. According to Custom Kinetics, there are several science backed health benefits that zucchini can provide. Zucchini is loaded with many nutrients including copper and manganese. Zucchini contains 21% of the daily recommended amount of copper and 19% of the daily recommended amount of manganese. Copper aids the body in producing its own antioxidants and manganese works to maintain bones and balance blood sugar levels. 

Zucchini is also high in fiber which can help you to feel fuller faster. The high amount of fiber in zucchini might make it helpful in losing weight because it will aid in making you feel fuller faster than if you were to have classic ravioli. These health benefits, in addition to many more, might make you think twice about picking it up next time you go grocery shopping.

How To Make Zucchini Ravioli 

I found a recipe for zucchini ravioli on Delish and decided to follow it because it seemed simple, quick, and easy. In a nutshell, you peel the zucchini and layer it in a way where you can put ricotta in the middle and then fold it into a tiny square. I am missing some steps in between, but you can find the full step-by-step recipe here.

Overall Thoughts

I thought that this zucchini ravioli was a delicious healthy alternative to the classic dish. For someone who likes to make healthy swaps frequently, I could not even taste the difference once the cheese and sauce was added. The rest of my family thought it was tasty, but they still prefer the classic since that is what they are used to. I have only cooked three times so far in my entire adult life and this recipe was easy enough for me to follow and want to do again. If you are hesitant about trying it, I would recommend making it once and then judging it because you never know what you are missing if you don't try.