The latest ASMR trend, crackle coffee, has taken TikTok by storm over the past few days. Iced coffee lovers can customize their drinks even more with hardened chocolate that produces a satisfying crack when squeezing the plastic cup. Identified as "crackle coffee cups," the iced coffee trend might be better than whipped coffee. It's a fun beverage to satisfy your eyes, ears, and taste buds. Though fun to make, the trend is an easy one to botch if a crucial step is missed.

What are crackle coffee cups?

The viral crackle coffee is just like any ordinary iced coffee (or any iced drink), except the inside of a plastic cup is coated in hardened chocolate. You can squeeze the plastic cup and the hardened chocolate will break into fragments, creating a crackling noise. Most content creators use a typical clear plastic cup in order to see the fragments and to make sure the cup can contract enough to break the chocolate when pressure is added.

How to make the crackle coffee cups at home.

Various coffee shops and food trucks around the country have hopped on the trend and are selling the drink. Chambre Coffee in Kansas created its own version of the drink last week in chocolate, mocha, and latte.

However, if you don’t want to spend money, or don’t live near a coffee shop that sells the viral crackle coffee, it may be easiest to make it at home.

There are a few ways to make the crackled cup. One way is to melt chocolate chips combined with coconut oil in a microwave oven, then spread the melted chocolate on the inside and bottom of a plastic cup.

Another method is to boil down chocolate chips on a stovetop and spread the melted chocolate inside of a cup. Some creators choose to use white chocolate and add food coloring in order to further customize this fun drink.

Whichever way you go about melting your chocolate, the most important step is to place the chocolate-coated cup in a freezer and make sure the chocolate is completely hardened before you add ice and pour your drink of choice into the cup. Skipping this step results in not getting that satisfying “crack,” like @_gloyoyo_’s  take on the trend.

Once you’ve made your drink, give the cup a little squeeze, and watch and listen as the chocolate crackles. Next, sip away, and don’t forget to eat the chocolate too.