Like many other college students, overnight oats are a lifesaver for me. The only problem is I live in a dorm, so I don't always have the ingredients readily available. I don't constantly keep milk and yogurt in my fridge, and I realize that this is probably a big reason why students my age don't take advantage of overnight oats. 

A solution arose as I was mulling over a large part of my student debt: the meal plan. I embarked on a journey to create overnight oats using only dining hall food.

Dining Hall Overnight Oats

Jenny Whidden

Only two things are necessary for dorm overnight oats: oats and any container imaginable (lid not required). Ingredients are typically a 1:1 ratio of milk, yogurt, and oats. For all of my dairy-free friends, yogurt is optional and most dining halls have soy milk. Here are some overnight oats rules for those who are new to the game.

#SpoonTip: Buy oats in bulk and you'll be set for at least a semester.

At most dining halls, you'll find a variety of yogurts and spreads that are perfect for overnight oats. Check next to the salad bar and during breakfast hours for the perfect overnight oats mix-ins.

Jenny Whidden

The most important part of any overnight oats is the base. Once my base was loaded, I added various toppings to spice things up. After taking a look around, I created three versions of overnight oats:

Mocha—Nutella, coffee, sliced almonds

Banana Peanut Butter—sliced bananas, peanut butter

Maple Apple—sliced green apples, syrup 

Jenny Whidden

I was surprised by the amount of options I had at my dining hall, and I left itching to go back and invent some new overnight oats concoctions. I encourage you to stop by your closest dining hall to create some of your very own overnight oats. It's fun, inexpensive, and pretty darn tasty, if you ask me!