It seems like every day there is some new innovation to taco shells. Whether it’s using a crispy chicken breast or breakfast waffles, we all get excited to try these new creations. Well, here is another one to add to the list, cheese taco shells because…why not? I think we can all agree that there's no such thing as too much cheese and what better way to get more delicious queso on your taco than making your taco shell out of cheese.

Cheese taco shells are popular in the Keto diet, a low-carb, high-fat diet, for many reasons. Not only does this shell give your taco a tasty, crunchy bite, it is also gluten-free and low carb. It is such a simple recipe and only takes a few minutes to make but there are a million ways you can use them. They can substitute chips as a vessel for guac or regular corn tortillas for delicious homemade tacos. This recipe is as simple as grabbing your friends, a bag of cheese, and heating up a skillet. 

Keto Cheese Taco Shell

  • Prep Time:2 mins
  • Cook Time:14 mins
  • Total Time:16 mins
  • Servings:8
  • Easy


  • 2 cups shredded cheese
Natalia Klisch
  • Step 1

    Heat a non-stick skillet over a low-medium heat.

    Natalia Klisch
  • Step 2

    Add 1/4 cup of cheese to the center of the pan and let it melt.

    Natalia Klisch
  • Step 3

    Wait for bubbles to form. Flip when the cheese is melted together into one cohesive mass, about 8 minutes.

    Natalia Klisch
  • Step 4

    Cook for an extra 6 minutes on the another side.

    Natalia Klisch
  • Step 5

    When the cheese is fully melted, carefully take if off the pan and form a taco shell by letting the cheese cool on a wooden spoon supported by two cups for about 10 minutes.

    Natalia Klisch
  • Step 6

    Once the cheese shell has cooled and holds its shape, it's time to fill it with your favorite taco ingredients.

    Natalia Klisch

Now that you have the taco shell, it's time for the filling. Add your favorite meat, veggies, and, yes, more cheese. Need some inspiration? Check out these recipes with ground beef, buffalo chicken, and ranch dusted shrimp. The options are endless.

Even though these cheese taco shells are best eaten fresh, they can be stored in the freezer. Try not to overlap the shells when placing them in the freezer because it will be harder to defrost later. After 30 minutes of defrosting at room temperature, rewarm the shell.

#SpoonTip: If you want to make this even easier and faster, sprinkle cheese on parchment paper and bake for 15 minutes in a 375F oven, flip half way through.