Along with summer comes a craving for a variety of sweet treats that are certainly delicious, but not necessarily health-conscious. These include ice cream, soft serve, ice pops and s'mores around the campfire. By all means, dessert is a well-deserved after-meal occasion, but generally not something to be eaten every day. It can be really hard to fight that desire for an indulgent waffle cone sundae or ice cream cake, so hopefully this compilation of healthier dessert alternatives will come in handy on those warm summer nights.

1. Banana "Ice Cream"

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Amanda Shulman

This dessert is perfect for those days when you need an ice cream fix, but you're looking for a healthier option. The recipe is easy to make and requires only one ingredient: bananas. What more could a college student ask for? This "ice cream" is a great way to use those forgotten overripe bananas, and if you're feeling fancy you can add other ingredients to jazz it up, such as, peanut butter, honey, or dark chocolate chips.

2. Greek Yogurt Chocolate Fudge Pops

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Kristi Cook

You can think of this treat as a healthier dessert tribute to the Fudgsicles many of us grew up eating. This recipe is also simple to make and requires four ingredients: chocolate chips, milk, vanilla extract and Greek yogurt. The Greek yogurt provides creaminess and some protein, which is needed after a long, tiring day hiking or in the pool.

#SpoonTip: sub Greek yogurt for cow's milk or a non-dairy alternative.

3. Vegan Key Lime Pies

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Jocelyn Hsu

This recipe is for the vegans out there who are also in the need of a refreshing summer dessert. Limes are all the rage in the warm months to liven up drinks, but they can also be used to make dessert. What makes this recipe a healthier alternative is that it has cashews, which are soaked for several hours and then blended, providing a creamy texture. Cashews provide healthy fats and protein, so you get the best of both worlds. The filling is poured into muffin tins and then frozen, meaning the pies are portable and can be served poolside, making this dish a win-win.

4. Strawberry Banana Greek Yogurt Parfait

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Grace Bodkin

After making the chocolate fudge pops, use the leftover Greek yogurt to indulge in this healthier dessert parfait. It's super simple to make and only involves layering yogurt, strawberries, bananas and cereal (or granola). Feel free to add more fruits, like blueberries, or even drizzle melted dark chocolate on top to cut the sweetness of the fruit. Strawberries are cheaper and more abundant during the summer since they're in season, so stock up when you go to the grocery store. Any extras after making the parfait can be put into smoothies or açaí bowls.

5. S'mores (With a Makeover)

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Devon Flinn

A campfire is not complete without s'mores. Unfortunately, they're not the best for you, but luckily you can make them a little healthier by adjusting the ingredients. Instead of buying prepackaged graham crackers, this recipe calls for making them yourself. Use homemade marshmallows, or if that's too time consuming, buy ones with organic or natural ingredients. Also, swap out the milk chocolate for dark chocolate and you're golden. Bananas can be added if you want a serving of fruit, or put in some peanut butter for added creaminess. Everyone will want s'more knowing they're not only tasty, but also better for them.