Here are a few of the best Hasbrouck Hacks for you:

1. Salad

sandwich, salad
Sophie Friedrich
salad, lettuce, spinach, tomato
Sophie Friedrich

A quick, simple salad. Grab some spinach, tomatoes, croutons, broccoli, and eggs from the salad line. But, grab some hummus instead of salad dressing. It makes your salad ten times better and more enjoyable. Don't feel like you need to stick to one line

2. Breakfast Sandwich 

egg, fried egg, toast, egg yolk, bacon, croque madame, bread
Sophie Friedrich
egg, mango
Sophie Friedrich

Our favorite Hasbrouck Hack. Start off your day with making your own breakfast sandwich. Although The Roost is yummy, they can't make you a sunny side up egg. Grab an english muffin from the bread section. Use the grill to make your own egg, while also toasting the muffin. If you're like me, and enjoy spinach, add some to your sandwich.

3. Breakfast Sandwich II

egg, cheese, sandwich, english muffin, bacon, muffin, fried egg, scrambled, bagel
Sophie Friedrich
sandwich, egg, cheese
Sophie Friedrich
Another great way to start your morning (or if you want breakfast for dinner). Scrambled eggs and cheese on a toasted english muffin. Once again, you cannot go wrong and it beats the questionable alternatives we have.

4. Grilled Cheese

sandwich, cheese, egg
Sophie Friedrich
Nice and simple: a grilled cheese. The difference? We don't ask to have it made at the sandwich station in the panini maker. Ask the person working simply for a two slices of bread and a few pieces of whatever kind of cheese you like best. Grab some butter, and then run it over to the grill. And if the grill is off, one of the Hasbrouck workers will happily grill it for you if you just ask. It beats the grilled cheese from the panini and is perfect for lunch or dinner.

5. Pizza Bagel

This hack is to die for. Grab a bagel from the bread section, sauce from the pasta section, cheese (and pepperoni maybe) from the sandwich section. Toast it all up in the microwave and you got yourself a yummy snack or even dinner. 

6. Belgium Waffle

The waffle maker at Hasbrouck Dining Hall is completely underrated. They have great batter, and it only takes two minutes to make your own. Throw on a little whip cream and your set. If you are feeling something else, grab some ice cream from the ice cream station to put on top of your waffle. Also, grab some fruits and berries to pile on. It is the perfect dessert you could make.

If you have any more Hasbrouck Hacks let us know!