Sangria is a classic drink, but typically it elicits an image of a red wine based drink with some oranges floating around in it. Not anymore. This one is for all of you who love white wine as much as I do. White wine sangria will be all you want this spring. It is sweet, refreshing, easy to make and can fit anyone's budget.

Personally, I don't enjoy red wines, plus I am allergic to the sulfites in some wines and get red itchy bumps on my arms (not fun). So I decided to find a sangria more suited to my tastebuds. Thus, the White Wine Lover's Sangria was born and the outcome was oh-so satisfying.

The first step I took was to find out what was actually in sangria. It is very simple when it comes to actually making it, but the hard part is waiting for it to ferment a little overnight. I started by using a recipe I found on Pinterest by simple searching "white wine sangria." It was very helpful, but I decided that it wasn't quite right. Though the original recipe I used for white wine sangria was very good, it was a tad too sweet. I wanted something more refreshing so I started to put my own spin on it. I decided to call it "White Wine Lover's Sangria." It gave it a little more pizzazz.  Then I decided to go with a Sauvignon Blanc rather than a Pinot Grigio because it was less sweet. You can also use a Riesling if you prefer. I decided to add less sugar and use a regular white grape juice rather than white grape and peach combination. 

What you need

-  Large pitcher or bowl

- 750 ml bottle of white wine – I used Sauvignon Blanc (I bought Barefoot because I'm ballin' on a budget)

- 1 can lemon-lime soda

- 1/3 cup of sugar

- 1 cup white grape juice

- 1 cup strawberries (frozen or fresh)

- 1 cup peaches (frozen or fresh

- Whatever other fruit you want

juice, peach, apple
Claire Rzonca

What to do

1. Combine the soda, grape juice and sugar in the large pitcher. Mix these three ingredients until the sugar is completely dissolved. 

2. Add in the entire bottle of white wine while slowly stirring. 

3. Put the strawberries, peaches and whatever other fruit you want into the pitcher. 

4. Finally, the hardest part: put the sangria mixture in the fridge overnight. You might be tempted to grab a glass right away, but let the mixture sit for at least one night. I kept mine in the refrigerator for two nights and was happy with the result

sweet, cream
Claire Rzonca

After a long night of waiting, enjoy your White Wine Lover's Sangria. It is definitely worth the wait. It is fresh, sweet and looks great. The peaches and strawberries added just enough flavor to the wine to sweeten the Sauvignon Blanc. This wine typically pairs well with peaches and limes, so the lemon-lime soda and frozen peaches worked perfectly to bring out the flavor of the wine. This sangria is very versatile and you can easily put your own spin on the recipe with different fruits or kinds of grape juice. Another option is to add more frozen fruit when you start to drink it. This fruit will act as an ice cube for your drink without watering it down. Try it out for yourself and drink up.