Fall is here, and the weather is quickly cooling down with each passing day. It’s the time of year when you start missing your family and just want Thanksgiving break to be here already, but don’t worry, it’ll be here soon enough. In the meantime, these fall comfort foods are just the things you need to keep you warm this season and to remind you about your mom’s homecooked meals.

Grilled cheese sandwich

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Christin Urso

Not only is it the face of all comfort food but it’s also the easiest dish in the book to assemble. You really only need two ingredients to make it: bread and cheese. Experiment with different bread and cheese combinations to work toward the ultimate grilled cheese. Don’t be afraid to add some other ingredients as well such as butter for the bread, bacon and minced garlic. Try whipping up a chipotle mayo dipping sauce too if you want to class your sandwich up even more.

Buffalo chicken dip

This is the kind of dip that you bake in the oven, and the scent wafts all throughout the house. In other words, it’s the kind of dip that you need to make this season. From bell peppers to crackers, you can pair this dip with almost any snack and you’ll get a match made in heaven. Adding a little hot sauce to the mixture before baking it ensures a little kick in every bite and warms you to the core.

Macaroni and cheese

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Julia Gilman

Like the grilled cheese, mac and cheese is another staple of comfort food. The carbs from the pasta release dopamine, otherwise known as a neurotransmitter involved in the pleasure center of the brain; no wonder we like eating carbs so much. The creamy cheese is the perfect complement to the elbow macaroni, but if that’s too simplistic for you, toss in some chopped bacon, chives and pepper; those usually do the trick for me.

Chicken pot pie

The heartiness of pot pie and its all-encompassing homey feel is why it makes this list. The flavors are all-too-familiar, and its shape is unmistakable, as its been around for decades on end. While mastering the achievement of the perfect doneness in every element can be difficult and take several tries, when done right, pot pies fill the comfort void you didn’t know was in you.


chili, vegetable, soup, meat, sauce, tomato
Marissa Arnett

On a chilly day, it is only natural to want to come home, pull on some sweatpants and fuzzy socks, wrap yourself in a blanket and warm up with a nice, piping hot bowl of chili in front of the TV. Just the image of this makes me want to eat chili right now. Make a chili bar for you and your friends on the next cold evening, but don’t forget the cheese, sour cream and tortilla chips!

Pigs in a blanket

Take a trip down memory lane and fix yourself a batch of everyone’s favorite potluck dish: pigs in a blanket. With only two ingredients, this childhood favorite really is a fantastic choice for when you’re having company over but are still trying to keep things casual. Even the pickiest of eaters won’t protest your food choice.

Chicken noodle soup

soup, broth, chicken, noodle, vegetable
Kaitlin Wheeler

No one likes being sick, but when it means your mom is going to make you a steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup, it’s not so bad. The broth is packed with flavor, but it somehow manages to settle your stomach rather than stir things up. The chicken and vegetables add just the right amount of substance to the soup, completing the meal and making for the best dish to rejuvenate you after being sick all day.

Zucchini bread

bread, brown bread, sweet, chocolate, cake, wheat, pastry, rye bread
Helena Lin

Okay, so this is not what people typically imagine when they hear the words “comfort food,” but rest assured, once you try making it for yourself, you will realize what a mistake that was. Zucchini bread, when prepared correctly, is moist but not soggy, dense but not heavy and sweet but not cloying. The addition of cinnamon and nutmeg is what makes this bread fall-oriented, so don’t skimp on the spices.


chocolate, candy, brownie, goody, sweet, cake, fudge
Samantha Klein

There’s nothing like the smell of brownies cooking in the oven to get you off the couch and into the kitchen. Out of all the fall comfort foods listed, these have got to be my favorite. Brownies are a likely ending to long days back home; they’re a great pick-me-up and bond the family like no fruitcake ever could. Serve your brownies a la mode for the ideal balance between rich fudgey chocolate and sweet ice cream.

Chocolate chip cookies

cookie, chocolate, goody, sweet, cake, pastry, chocolate cookie, candy
Scott Harrington

It’s no mistake that people are always baking chocolate chip cookies for their new neighbors; this old classic is always a hit among crowds. Toll House is good and all, but they’re no match for grandma’s homemade batches. Start experimenting with so that you can have cookies that are your personal claim to fame and your grandchildren can enjoy them just as much as you do.

If these fall comfort foods don't get you excited about colder weather, I don't know what will. Cozy up to the fire while enjoying each of these tasty treats!