Sometimes girls just need to be girls. Girls nights are much needed especially when you are stressed in college. Let's be real, what is better than best friends and good food? All of these snacks are perfect for a college student on a budget. 

I recommend making a stop at the grocery store and picking up these goodies. Now that we have venmo, you won't go broke when friends forget to pay you back. So, go call up your BFFs and make sure to try some of these tasty treats. 

1. Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is the new trendy food. When having a girls night, I think it is a super cute idea to have an avocado toast bar. Simply lay out different kinds of toast, from a healthy grain bread to a white bread. A poached egg on top with some lemon juice and you are set. However, I am fancy and love to top mine with my favorites. I love lox or prosciutto to spice it up. All of the girls are able to personalize their toast to their liking. 

2. Acai Bowls

Acai Bowls are the perfect light snack and, did I mention, super insta-worthy! Whole foods and Trader Joes sell frozen acai in packets. All you need to worry about is picking your favorite mix-ins and colorful toppings. I love berries, granola, banana and agave nectar. Simple, light and a superfood. 

3. Cheese and Veggie Platters

Next year is my first year living in an apartment and you bet I'll be making cheese and veggie platters. Talk about another great photo-op. Cheese and veggie platters are perfect for Bachelor Mondays paired with a nice glass of wine and good friends. My favorite cheeses are goat, brie or a truffle cheese. Decorating the plates are the best part. Make sure you buy Marcona almonds for the cheese boards and different dips for the veggie platter.

4. Cookie Sandwiches

Cookie Sandwiches are so yummy and can be personalized. What's better than ice cream rolled in any candy on top of a warm cookie? I'll let you get back to me on that one. A cookie sandwich bar is a great idea for a birthday party where you and your friends are staying in. Set up warm cookies, different flavors of ice cream, and your preferred candy and call it a girls night in!  

5. Chocolate Platter

I have always dreamed of recreating this meme from "John Tucker Must Die". So, what you need to do is pretty much buy anything chocolate. Nutella, Cookie Butter, Chocolate Sauce, Peanut Butter and snacks to dip in the dips. My favorites are berries, graham crackers, pretzels, and popcorn. Now go find your John Tucker!

If you want more ideas for a girl's night, check out more terrific treats here!

So, go pop in your favorite Rom-Com and indulge in these treats with your besties!