Being vegan during the holidays is difficult, especially when you're surrounded by buttery cookies and chocolate-peppermint galore. But, have no fear, I won't let your healthy eating habits interfere with your enjoyment of Hanukkah. Allow this article to serve as a mecca for all the delectable vegan holiday recipes that you can enjoy throughout these eight days. While this food is Hanukkah-themed, it can be enjoyed by all religions and, with a little variation, all year round.

Day 1:

For the first night of Hanukkah, enjoy one of the most classic Hanukkah treats: latkes. Latkes are potato pancakes that are delicious and versatile enough to be enjoyed all year round.  Although traditionally fried, these potato pancakes can also be baked - either way, they are addicting. Here is a great vegan recipe on the Vegetarian Times at... 

Day 2:

For the second night, enjoy my personal favorite: Sufganiot. Fresh out of the frier or oven, these Israeli jelly donuts are certain to warm you up and get you in the Hanukkah-spirit.  For a vegan take on these pockets of fruity-goodness, check out...

Day 3:

Hanukkah isn't even halfway over yet! For the third night, pull out the dreidel and eat some vegan gelt. Gelt are chocolate coins that can be used to play a game of dreidel during the Hanukkah season. Just try not to lose all your gelt in this friendly game.

Day 4:

To cheer yourself up after realizing Hanukkah is halfway over, decorate some festive cookies made from these vegan sugar cookie and icing recipes. When you're done, package some up and send them to your favorite mensches and elves for the holiday season.

Day 5:

On the fifth night of Hanukkah, make your dinner sweeter by enjoying a vegan sweet potato kugel. Kugel is a tastier, more festive version of a casserole that can be enjoyed during the holidays and basically any time of the year. Try this vegan version:

Day 6:

On the sixth night of Hanukkah, satisfy your sweet tooth with a vegan Jewish apple cake. Happily enjoyed all year round, this Hanukkah-staple is meant to be shared with a group of loved ones while sitting by the fire.

Day 7:

In my house, we always save the best for last. So, on the second to last day of Hanukkah, enjoy bimuelos with honey-orange drizzle. Along with being one of the best comfort foods, these delectable treats have a historical significance behind them, which you can read about here...

Day 8:

On day eight, cure your last-day-of-Hanukkah blues with chocolate-covered Hanukkah Oreos. Dip them in peppermint almond milk and watch your favorite holiday movie to give Hanukkah the proper send-off. Here is a great vegan recipe:

While the candles of Hanukkah burn for only 8 days, these vegan holiday recipes can be made any time of the year and for any special occasion. So, make these insta-worthy goodies this holiday season and post them under the hashtag #VeganHanukkahwithSpoon.