Spring is almost upon us, summer is approaching quickly, and I will be the first to admit my bod isn't exactly ready. Honestly, my mind isn't either. I'm not mentally prepared to give up following my stomach and falling into my cravings, but eating healthy doesn't have to be boring. I love a good salad, and with fun toppings like nuts (filled with protein and heart-healthy fats), avocado (packed with nutrients and healthy fats), etc., you can actually find yourself easily looking forward to a healthy lunch/dinner. These are some of the best green salad recipes to not only keep things interesting but also to achieve a lifestyle that fosters your best you!

1. Smoked Turkey Salad with Goat Cheese and Walnuts

This salad looks delicious, making the list as it reminded me of my favorite salad back home (s/o to Whisk in Miami, FL). The sweet goat cheese perfectly complements the smoked turkey, and walnuts add the perfect crunch.

2. Roasted Squash, Pomegranate, and Arugula Salad

This vibrant salad isn't only going to hold you over until your next meal but will also give you some November vibes. This dish is all about the different textures from the pomegranate and the pepitas (if you're not trying for a nut-free option, you can use pecans).

3. Kale, Clementine, and Feta Salad

This colorful raw kale salad is topped with clementines, radish, avocado, and pepitas, and tossed in a honey, lime, and jalapeño dressing. It's the perfect amount of sweetness with a spicy kick from the dressing. And who doesn't love avocado in their salad?

4. Chickpea, Sweet Potato, and Apple Farro Salad

vegetable, parsley, corn, rice, pepper, legume, cereal, lentil
Katherine Baker

If you're looking for a super filling salad, stop right here. The chickpeas and farro are truly fillers, the color comes from the sweet potato and arugula, and the texture comes from the apples. 

5. Vibrant Orange and Arugula Salad

Talk about the perfect spring salad! It's light, it's colorful (as it should be), and it's so fun with all the citrus flavors from the orange slices and the lemon dressing. 

6. Spring Crab Salad

I'm a big fan of crab salad, so I got legitimately excited when I stumbled across this recipe. It's fresh with a light but super creamy dressing, and the peas and avocado sides work perfectly. Super delish!

7. Lentil Salad

Tara Shooshani

Lentils and quinoa, the key makings of a trendy and filling salad. This salad is accented with carrots, bell peppers, and kale to make the perfect green salad recipe.

8. Salmon Arugula Salad

pepper, lemon, spinach, cheese, tomato, lettuce, carrot
Josi Miller

My friends (and mom) will happy to hear me admit that I actually have become a huge fan of salmon recently. This salad is super light with the fresh fish, tangy vinaigrette, and classy Parmesan cheese.

9. BBQ Chicken Salad

Not going to lie, I sometimes use barbecue sauce as a legit dressing—it's just so good, I can't get enough of it! You're going to love this green salad recipe, as it's the perfect Texas cowboy southwestern salad with the tangy barbecue sauce, corn, onions, and diced tomatoes.

10. Harvest Cobb Salad

I love Cobb salads, because they're pretty much a hodgepodge of whatever you already have in your kitchen. In this recipe, you have bacon, eggs, diced apple, diced pear, dried cranberries, and goat cheese, but you can easily customize this salad to satisfy your cravings.

11. Black Bean Taco Salad

salad, greek salad, cheese, tomato, pepper, vegetable
Julia Maguire

You don't have to give up tacos to be healthy! Instead of using a tortilla, pile your favorite toppings onto a bed of salad greens. Think: rice, beans, cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo, hot sauce, etc. Just call yourself Chipotle!

12. Chinese Chicken Salad

This salad is my favorite, and now you can make it at home. The chicken is deliciously glazed in teriyaki sauce, and the sauce is so good you can forgo the dressing. The salad is light with the mandarin oranges, carrots, and bell peppers. 

13. Raw Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad

This salad is super easy to make and sure to satisfy. Raw kale is mixed with thinly sliced Brussels sprouts and toasted slivered almonds for the perfect crunch, while Parmesan and miso contribute an element of savoriness that's perfect for a salad.

14. Colorful Chopped Salad

This salad is literally a green party, and everyone is invited – broccoli, edamame, cilantro. Then, you have purple cabbage and bell peppers, and with the carrot ginger dressing I'm getting some real Asian influence.

15. Protein-Packed Vegan Salad

salad, fruit salad, berry
Danielle Cahoon

You don't have to use meat to make a protein-packed salad. Instead, try out some nuts, seeds, crumbled veggie burgers, edamame, beans, or chickpeas! 

With all these green salad recipes, how can you get bored of leafy greens? Check out these meal-prep tips to make sure your salad will be ready to impress come lunchtime.