1. The Halal Shack 

The first stop is located on the left side of the LBC, Halal Shack. This new area takes on a new look to middle eastern food. Here there are a ton of options to choose from. They feature spicy chicken, a vegetarian's dream, and even a meat lover's prime choice of beef. In this shack, you have so many choices that it's hard to pick even when you're waiting in the long line of hungry students. Because the selections are limitless, your dish becomes one of a kind. My personal favorite is the rice bowl option, but you can choose anything from a gyro wrap, salad bowl, zoodles bowl, or even a fries bowl, which I might need to try soon. 

Daniella Tirse

If you have ever been to a Chipotle (which I'm hoping you have) or a Cava, then you know how this type of system works. You run down the line of the variety of combinations of toppings and meats you can choose from. The beauty of this place is that you can be as simple as you want or as adventurous as your stomach desires. So next time when you are in the LBC and you see the long line, it's probably for the savory and appetizing Halal, which is well worth the wait. 

My go to order: 

- rice bowl with crispy lettuce 

- Halal chicken/chickpea korma

- corn, tomatoes and beans

- hummus and avocado (my favorite part)

-hot white sauce 

2. Wild Blue Poké Bar

Next on the tour of the new LBC is an extension from Wild Blue Sushi: Wild Blue Poké Bar. This station is a twist on a modern Hawaiian dish and sushi. What's not to love? This is another version of a choose-your-own food bar.

Around the corner from Wild Blue Sushi is this place designated solely for bowls. At the start, you select either brown rice, white rice, or salad, and then move along to the protein area. You can pick from a couple of options for fish and shrimp, as well as a variety of toppings you can add to your customized bowl. These range from avocado, to crab salad, to wonton crisps. Onto the sauces, you can pick simple soy sauce, keep it original and get the poké sauce or change it up to spicy mayo! To top it all off, I always add some sesame seeds just to complete the look and, of course, for taste. Next time you are in between options at the LBC, try this new Asian fusion bar and you won't be disappointed. All these options give you a healthy boost if you feel like you have been a little eating too much Dunkin Donuts. 

My new go-to order:  

- white rice

- lettuce

- tuna

- avocado

-seaweed salad

-spicy mayo and poké sauce 

-sesame seeds

Skye Murphy

3. Rollin and Bowlin

The last stop of the new and improved LBC is Rollin and Bowlin, a fan favorite here on campus. Our generation always raves for avocado toast, smoothies, and the very socially influenced acai bowls. So, of course, Tulane had to add a place for one here. Because of its move from Le Gourmet, it's now in the hub of campus at the LBC. The menu is still the same (phew...) but get in line as quick as you can because everyone wants the delectably topped toasts and bowls. I will have to warn you though, Rollin and Bowlin does not take meal swipes anymore. If you realize your wavebucks are running out, it's probably because of your obsession with the Let That Man(go) smoothie. 

My personal favorites: 

- Avo Caprese with GF bread

- Train Your Dragon Bowl 

As we said our goodbyes to Al Fuego, Freshens, and Pickles, these new unique and healthy options seem to be fitting in well here at Tulane University. Now, you can keep a healthy diet while knowing you are getting more options for your wavebucks. 

See y'all there!