If your family is like mine, your dad is the main chef at home. With Father's Day approaching, you might be searching for ways to relieve your dad’s plate. Ironically, the best way to do so is by cooking the Father's Day dinner yourself. This guide is comprised of dinner and drink options, plus decorations to make this dinner one your dad will cherish forever.

Option One: Italian Night

There's no denying that Italian cuisine ranks among the most elegant, making it a perfect choice for special occasions. If you are a popcorn burner, chicken drier, or charcoal toast cooker, you’re in luck — boiling pasta is simple, and with Spoon University's guidance, making the sauce is just as easy. Dan Pashman’s Cacio e Pepe, a flavor-punching pasta with a bold and peppery flavor combination, is a crowd-pleaser using only seven ingredients and can be made in 35 minutes

In addition, Spoon University’s pesto sauce recipe will have everyone’s mouth watering. The pesto pasta bursts with the vibrant freshness of basil leaves, perfectly mixed with Parmesan cheese to create a tantalizingly flavorful experience. It is practically a culinary crime to not have garlic bread with pasta. For the best garlic bread fix, head to the frozen aisle and grab a box of New York Bakery Texas Toast. Trust me, one box won't be enough, you'll want to stock up and get two (maybe three) because it's just that irresistible.

When it comes to drinks, not any old bottle of wine will suffice, particularly for dads who are wine connoisseurs. For an affordable yet delicious red wine option, consider Meiomi Pinot Noir or Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon — both are less than $15 at Target. Both brands also offer a variety of bottles within the $30 price range, making them excellent choices for any occasion. As the daughter of a wine-loving father, I can confidently vouch for the quality and value of these selections.

Now to the decorations. If you choose to have the Italian Stallion flare, then decorating the dinner table should match the vibe. I suggest adding splashes of red to the dinner table — whether with red placemats, napkins, or a glass of red wine. If red wine is your chosen drink, the bottle itself can serve as a striking centerpiece for the evening’s meal.

Option Two: Become the Grill Master

If Italian cuisine isn't on the menu, grilling is a popular choice for many dads. Burgers are easy to prepare, but selecting the right patty can elevate your hamburger from ordinary to exceptional. When it comes to burger meat, the higher fat content makes burgers juicier. Be sure to check the label before buying at the grocery store to ensure your patty is leaking with flavor. For grilling, coat the patty in seasoning and place on the grill. Each side of meat should cook for four to five minutes, and avoid pressing down on the burger as that causes the juice to leak out.

Burgers aren't just tasty; they're also incredibly versatile, catering to everyone's preferences within the family. With the freedom to personalize toppings, even the pickiest eaters can happily participate in the family dinner experience. For those feeling adventurous, these burger styles might be for you:

Breakfast burger: A regularly seasoned burger topped with fried egg, cheese, avocado, and bacon.

Asian-inspired burger: This burger features teriyaki sauce, cilantro, and sriracha mayo.

Tex-Mex burger: Season the burger patties with spices such as chili powder and cumin. Then top with salsa, guacamole, and pepper jack cheese.

Decorating will be an easy feat here, let Jimmy Buffett’s “Cheeseburger in Paradise” be your guide for burger night. Embrace the tropical theme by decorating with vibrant colors, fresh flowers, and pineapples. Enhance the island atmosphere by playing Jimmy Buffett’s hits and inviting everyone to wear their best tropical gear, like Hawaiian shirts. To top it all off, gift your dad a flower lei to wear at the table. After all, it is his day.

Based on the decor, we have to match the drinks to the theme. A tropical theme wouldn’t be complete without a few margaritas! As the saying goes, it’s always five o’clock somewhere. Spoon University has plenty of margarita recipes, but to keep things simple, the 3-ingredient margarita is your go-to choice. This drink guarantees a good time for everyone and, if dinner doesn’t go as planned, it’ll make sure no one notices.

Dessert is a must

Dessert undoubtedly steals the show, and if you don't treat your dad to a cake with the icing letters “Happy Father’s Day," you might find yourself in trouble. Nothing Bundt Cakes offers a plethora of delicious options, and Spoon University has already curated a list of the top flavors to ease the burden of choosing the perfect one.