It's hard to deny the growing popularity of veganism, whether or not you agree with abstaining from animal products. Whether you’re vegan or just looking for a new foodie adventure, head on over to Downtown Berkeley if you're looking for some delicious vegan food. Although many people believe vegan food is bland and raw, vegan food can be delicious—and there are some great spots in Berkeley to prove it.


Ariel Yue

Who says that vegans can’t enjoy dessert? If you’re looking for some sweetness in your life, take a trip down to Cinnaholic in Downtown Berkeley. As soon as you step inside, the sweet aroma pulls you in, and you can’t resist ordering a cinnamon roll or two. 

Here, you can enjoy a Classic Roll or build your own unique flavor with a combination of frostings and toppings, all of which are 100% vegan.
Ariel Yue

The wide variety of frostings, ranging from peanut butter to caramel to marshmallow, and toppings such as brownie bites, cookie dough, and strawberries provide delicious options that are sure to please just about everybody.

The sweetness doesn’t stop here: Cinnaholic also offers a range of vegan baked goods and even edible cookie dough.

Saturn Cafe

Ariel Yue

Whether you’re hungry for lunch, dinner, or a late night snack, Saturn Cafe is the perfect spot. This retro diner takes you back in time, giving traditional comfort food a vegetarian and vegan twist.

As a restaurant that values community, Saturn Cafe works to bring people together through food, and this is exemplified through the welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff. 

Just a quick walk from campus, Saturn Cafe offers up huge portions of delicious food that leave you full after every visit. With a variety of options from veggie burgers to vegan nachos to vegan milkshakes, you can satisfy any comfort food craving here. 

The Flying Falafel

Ariel Yue

Looking for a new lunch spot to satiate your hunger? It’s time to take a visit to The Flying Falafel. Before it moved to its current location on Shattuck Avenue, The Flying Falafel was serving up delicious Mediterranean goodies at farmers' markets across the Bay Area. It became so popular that owner Assaf Pashut finally opened up a brick and mortar location in Berkeley.

Here, you can eat delicious made-to-order falafel that are served in a soft, fluffy pita pocket and topped with veggies and hummus. These deep-fried balls are made from chickpeas and are just as satisfying as their meat alternative. As you wait for your order to be served, you can watch the cooks theatrically throw balls of falafel in the air, catching them before they are served.


Ariel Yue

Tired of Chipotle for lunch? Take a break from building your own burrito and build your own salad at Sweetgreen. This laid back restaurant on the corner of Shattuck Avenue has a seasonal menu and is committed to using fresh ingredients from local farms.

Ariel Yue

Take creative control of your meal and build your own delicious salad with fresh ingredients such as roasted sweet potato or miso-glazed vegetables—and don't forget the made-in-house salad dressings. If you can't decide what to pick, you can also choose from their menu.

Vegan salads might have a bad reputation for being less than extraordinary, but Sweetgreen is here to exceed your expectations.

The Butcher's Son

Ariel Yue

If you're looking for the perfect place to take your friends—vegan or otherwise—to brunch, your search is over. The Butcher’s Son, located on University Avenue, is a vegan delicatessen. Its popular brunch menu attracts vegans and meat-eaters alike. With a line winding out the door almost every weekend, this trendy spot offers tasty vegan alternatives to all of your favorite meats and cheeses. 

Ariel Yue

With dishes ranging from the Steak and Egg Hoagie, Classic Fried Chicken Sandwich, and Donut Stuffed Pancakes, many are surprised that everything is completely vegan. The Butcher's Son uses plant-based alternative ingredients, such as shiitake mushrooms and seitan, to create vegan dishes that look and taste just like meat. 

The perfect finishing touch to your meal? One of their mouth-watering desserts. With items such as cheesecake and cupcakes, these treats will have you wanting more after you finish the last bite.

Being vegan doesn’t mean that dining out has to be a hassle. Nor does it mean you have to eat salad all the time. In Berkeley, there is a variety of vegan restaurants to explore that won't leave you disappointed. Whether you’re craving something sweet or are looking for a place that will impress all of your meat-eating friends, give these restaurants a try.