The year's 2018, and booze-based holidays are not only increasing in overall popularity, but they're now being taken more seriously (about time if you ask me). Every year, on the second Saturday of June, is a rosé holiday that's known as National Rosé Day. This year, National Rosé Day falls on Saturday, June 9. While you might not know anything about rosé or what to do on this holiday, I've got you covered.

But really, what's rosé?

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Isabel Leeds

Rosé is this pretty pink wine that's relatively light to consume and is made by taking unskinned grapes right after they're done ripping and then squishing them together until they've turned into wine. Some are drier than others, while others taste like pink water that's diluted to the point where you can't even decipher if you paid for rosé or not (the worst). Most rosé is tasty though, and is traditionally thought of as a refreshing summer drink. 

Isn't rosé the OG base for frosé?

Yes, and that's why we should all be appreciative that rosé exists because without it, we wouldn't have any frosé aka frozen rosé. Frosé is usually be made with rosé and strawberries or strawberry syrup. The frosé craze first took off in 2016 when it was spotted at places like The Standard Hotel in Miami Beach and Bar Primi in NYC.

If you plan on celebrating National Rosé Day with some frosé, some great places to go are Willa Jean in New Orleans, The Canteen in Provincetown, Bar Primi in New York, Sotto 13 in New York, Malibu Farm Restaurant in Malibu, Hampton Social River North in Chicago, or at Mathers Social Gathering in Orlando.

You can also make rosé drinks at home

If consuming frosé is still your thing but you're in no mood to go outside and interact with other humans, you can use Three Olives' new rosé vodka to make their 'Frosé Vosé' at home. You're going to need some of Three Olives' rosé vodka, lemon juice, grapefruit juice, raspberry or simple syrup, dry vermouth, and ice. Mix all ingredients together with a blender and cheers.

On the other hand, if frosé isn't your speed, Three Olives also has a 'Spritz & Giggles' drink that consists of Three Olives' rosé vodka, bitter orange liqueur, sparkling wine, and soda water. Alternatively, you could always make Three Olives' 'Red, White & Rosé' drink which comprises of Three Olives' rosé vodka, soda water, and Peychaud's bitters.

Now that you know where to head to and how to properly use and consume rosé on National Rosé Day, go on and go forth and partake in this gracious holiday safely. As a firm believer in rosé szn, National Rosé Day holds a special place near and dear to my life, as for no amount of rosé should ever be left unattended and unfinished.