Wine is a staple in most people's lives. Not only does it make the perfect gift, but it's also used at parties, special events, in the workplace to comfort people as they cry, at college and in some foods. Most people tend to stick to either white or red wine, but there's this super trendy new drink known as rosé wine. 

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Alexandra Schenker

What exactly is rosé?

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Steven Baboun

Rosé is a pink colored wine that tastes like fruit and flowers mixed together and then filtered out to perfection. It's lighter than your average wine and has been deemed as summer water. 

What's all the hype about?

One of the reasons that rosé is popular to begin with is because of its color and usage in several foods and drinks. Frosé, which essentially is a rosé slushy was last year's "it drink". Another reason as to why it's hyped up is because of how it's used in Sugarfina's rosé bears

If this sounds like a wine that you'd be interested in trying sooner than later, I'd recommend either picking up a bottle of Mionetto's Gran Rosé or Dark Horse Rosé.

How's it made and how is it different from red and white wine?

Rosé is made by taking grapes right after they're done ripping and then squishing them together until they've turned into wine. Unlike red and white wine, the skin on the grapes that are utilized to make rosé stay on the grapes during the entire rosé making process. 

When comparing rosé to its red and white wine counterparts, one of the main differences to note would be that it doesn't taste as heavy as red wine, but isn't as sweet as white wine. Also, rosé relies more on grape skin when it's made while both red and white wine have more bits and pieces of grapes in them. 

Although some rosé wine can get expensive, there are always cheaper options to choose from as mentioned in these two articles.