Halloween scares me. I am terrified of haunted houses, scary movies, and the terrifying decorations that appear on this haunted night. The last, and hopefully only, time I was dragged into a "haunted" establishment it did not end well for my friends' ear drums. So why am I writing a Halloween article? Because it involves food. And I don't hate everything about All Hallows Eve.

I love the creative costumes, the candy, and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Going all out with creative treats is the best part to the holiday. However, being in a dorm room can crush your creative magic due to lack of kitchen space or limitations of kitchen supplies. Thankfully, one doesn't need a cauldron and wand to whip up magical and creepy Halloween recipes. I've compiled some no-bake Halloween recipes you came make in the comfort of your own dorm room. 

1. Witches' Broomsticks

Elizabeth Kim

Something wicked this way comes flying on a broomstick. These easy to make broomsticks will be flying straight into your mouth. All you need to do is take a pretzel stick and put it in the middle of a peanut butter cup

2. Tombstone Taco Dip

Not everything on Halloween has to be sugar filled. This taco layer dip shows the savory side of Halloween. Forgo making the tortilla chips and opt for the much easier option of purchasing torilla strips to use for the tombstones.

3. Chocolate Spiders

Jeffrey Ho

The only spiders I will willingly get close to are ones made of sugar. These eight-legged creepy crawly treats can be made in 20 minutes and only require a microwave. 

4. Witches Hats

cream, sweet, cake, candy, chocolate
Amy Henson

These wickedly cute and easy hats only call for only three ingredients (cookies, Kisses, and icing) and will magically disappear before you know it. 

5. Banana Ghosts

cream cheese, cheese, cake
Alison Weissbrot

Spooky banana ghosts are scare-your-pants-off easy to make. Bananas covered with white chocolate and paired with chocolate mouths and eyes is a treat for the semi-health conscious friends. 

6. Dracula Cookies

cookie, candy, sweet, chocolate, cake, bread, pastry
Lucy Todhunter

A bite into these smiling cookies will have you mesmerized and wanting more. Even Dracula will want a taste of these oddly realistic cookies. 

7. Marshmallows on a Stick

Chelsea Hawk

Halloween-themed marshmallows are as easy to make as they look. Make them into bats, pumpkins, Frankenstein, or whatever Halloween ghoul or creature you create. Eat them alone or use to decorate cupcakes or cakes. 

8. Monster Rice Krispies Treats

pastry, sweetmeat, cookie, goody, chocolate, cake, candy, sweet
Maria Wang

These adorable rice Krispies treats will have you and your roommate doing the Monster Mash. Whether you choose to go the cute or scary route, you can either create one-eyed cyclopes or a monster straight out of Monsters Inc. 

9. Nutter Butter Ghosts 

sweet, candy, cake
Jeffrey Ho

Spirits will rise with Nutter Butter ghosts especially when paired with the banana ghosts. Or if you tire of white specters you can make them into mummies. 

You don't need a magic spell or special brew to concoct enchanting no-bake Halloween recipes for your celebrations. A dorm room may limit your options, but that shouldn't stop you from creating some hocus pocus of your own this happy Halloween season.