Whenever my friends and I go out to dinner, everyone always seems to be ordering rosé. As I watch them consume their body weight in wine, I started wondering, how can you possibly consume that much rosé? How do you drink the same thing every time and not get sick of it? Do you not enjoy variety in your life? And if they love rosé so much, surely you've found other ways to drink it by now? Low and behold, I've created a list of rosé recipes sure to please even the most hardcore of all rosé lovers. 

1. Rosé Lemonade 

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Katie Kasperson

If lemonade already didn't scream summer loud enough, here's a drink to make the summer seem even better. Mixing a childhood classic with an adult twist, rosé lemonade is made exactly how it sounds. Combining two summer favourites of lemonade and Rosé wine creates this deliciously sweet and tangy drink sure to satisfy your thirst.

2. Sparkling Strawberry Rosé Sangria  

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Emily Genzer

If you're trying to eat more fruits this summer, this Sparkling Strawberry Rosé Sangria might be more your speed. Some rosé, brandy, and sparkling water, along with fruits galore make up this delicious recipe that will be ready to rock your next party. Make sure to bring along a spoon to scoop up all that extra boozy fruit and get your buzz on. 

3. The Rosé Bouquet

Toast your favourite pink drink with this fun spin on cocktails and wine. With a recipe of only five ingredients, this quick and easy drink is ready to go in no time. Pair with a spring of rosemary for flavour and pizazz and voila! Hostess of the summer.

4. Rosé Spritzer 

If a lighter blend is more fitting for your 5 o'clock glass, try this Rosé Spritzer. Adding a little pink to this classic drink is just what we need to brighten up the summer. This three ingredient recipe makes it twice as easy to sit down and relax with a perfect summer refreshment. Mix it up with your favourite rosé for a perfect afternoon cool down. 

5. Watermelon Rosé Margaritas 

If you're someone who knows that summer and sun means margarita season, this drink is definitely for you. If margaritas weren't already refreshing enough, we added watermelon and rose to make it even more summer. With a prep time of only 15 minutes, you're that much closer to the margarita of the summer. 

 6. Rosé Granita 

If slushies were the treat you ran to the corner store for in the summer time, this more adult slushie recipe is sure to please. The easy three ingredient recipe makes for a quick prep and is sure to make you a granita you drink even quicker. This slushie knock off is definitely the go to, to cool you down on even the hottest days of the summer, and to give you the buzz to survive the rest of them. 

7. The Frozé

For those who are missing the classic summer treat of freezies, this drink is right up your alley. Putting an adult twist on a childhood classic makes for a tipsy frozen drink that is sure to please. With a simple recipe of only four ingredients, it's a quick and easy way to bring some cold and fun into the boiling hot summer weekends. Just don't drink it too fast, you might get a brain freeze!