Pi Day may not seem like an important holiday, however it's definitely a good excuse to eat pie. Apple pie and other fruity pies may not be our favorites, but hey, a pizza pie still counts right?! Here are some types of pizza pies that you can't miss on this upcoming Pi Day.

1. White Pizza

bread, cheese, dough, crust, pizza
Hunter Schore

This is perfect for those out there who don't like sauce on their pizza or are just finding a way to get in some extra cheese. Not only is this pizza aesthetically pleasing, but it will definitely add a unique touch to your Pi Day.

2. Salad Pizza

pepper, oil, black beans, vegetable, salad
Sasha Kran

If you are looking to be healthier, or at least think you are eating healthier, the salad toppings on your pizza pie are definitely the way to go. As long as there's lettuce, it's healthy right?

3. Mac 'n Cheese Pizza

For when you can't decide whether you want to eat mac 'n cheese or pizza. This perfect combination allows you to have both! This is definitely not your average pizza, but it is worth trying.

4. Hawaiian Pizza

It has been widely debated, but yes, some people do in fact like pineapple on their pizza. If this is you, definitely go for a slice, or even a full pie of this pizza on Tuesday.

5. Breakfast Pizza

Pizza is good at really any hour of the day, whether it is early in the morning or late after a night out. With breakfast pizza you can fulfill your morning bacon, egg and cheese need, but also satisfy your pizza cravings.

6. Dessert Pizza

Hunter Schore

Who wouldn't love some chocolate on their pizza? From Nutella pizza to s'mores pizza, you really can't go wrong with a good dessert pie.

7. Cheese Pizza

If you're a picky eater or like to stick to the OG, keep it plain and simple, and celebrate with some classic cheese pizza. Pizza is always a good idea, but a whole pie would be even better on Pi Day.