With summer already upon us it's hard to think about indulging in sugary snacks when we're "supposed" to be squeezing ourselves into a teeny-tiny bikini. With so much skin on display some people may choose to cut sweets out of their lives entirely during bikini-season, but I think that's silly. Instead of getting rid of treats that are traditionally unhealthy why not make them healthy instead (and eat them in moderation, of course)? Loaded with chocolate, sugar, butter and flour, brownies may seem like a horrible snack choice for anyone looking to shed a few pounds but there are actually a ton of healthy brownie recipes out there. Check 'em out!

Avocado Brownies

Avocado has gotten increasingly popular as of late so it's no surprise that it's started sneaking its way into desserts. Loaded with healthy fats (yes, fat can be healthy) and tons of fiber, the benefits of eating avocado are undebatable

Brownie Hummus

I can already hear you saying "ew," but trust me, this brownie recipe is delicious! Chickpeas are incredibly good for you and they also don't have much flavor on their own, making them the perfect thing to experiment with in the kitchen. Use this brownie hummus as a dip for fruit or use it as a spread in sandwiches.

Sweet Potato Brownies

If you're looking for a brownie recipe that will satisfy your chocolate cravings but also keep you looking fit then you're in luck. These vegan sweet potato brownies are unbelievably fudgy and you'd never be able to guess that they have no oil or flour in them!

Black Bean Brownies

The best part about these black bean brownies is that they don't even taste healthy. Rich and chocolatey, these brownies are the perfect thing to bring to work or to trick your friends with.

Flourless Zucchini Brownies

If you've ever wanted to trick yourself into eating your greens this is definitely the way to go about it. While I usually use my zucchini for making zoodles I could definitely see this recipe working out, especially for you picky eaters. 

Raw Almond Brownies

If you only have a blender but no oven (it happens to all of us at some point) then this is the brownie recipe for you. The main ingredients used for these brownies are dates, which are a healthy source of fiber and sugar, and almonds, which are a source of healthy fat, with no added sugar or flour needed. 

No Bake Brownies

Yet another no-bake recipe, these paleo and keto brownies are similar to the last but are made without dates. If you're wondering how such a thing is possible you're going to have to check out the recipe!