As a college student, it is essential to be energized and awake for those 8am classes and long ultimate frisbee practices. 

A common remedy is a scalding cup of joe or a refreshing iced latte. A cup of coffee in hand is a typical essential to most college students’ day.

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Alex Frank

While coffee does the trick for a while, I’ve found that the initial energizing high wears off after about an hour or so. And if you're feeling tired after your morning coffee, it might be because adding sweeteners leads to  fatigue.

It turns out coffee isn’t the only answer when you’re looking for an energizing boost. Here’s a list of 7 energizing foods that’ll be sure to keep you going all day.

1. Watermelon

While watermelon is typically thought of as a summer fruit, it contains antioxidants, including vitamin C that can be beneficial year round. I like to enjoy a bowl of watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew as a snack or part of breakfast. Watermelon, while full of electrolytes, is a perfect way to stay both hydrated and energized.

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Lexi Nickens

2. Dark chocolate

As if you needed an excuse to start your morning with chocolate, the incorporation of caffeine and other stimulants, like theobromine and tryptophan, are proven to be energizing and mood-boosting. Any chocolate lover knows not all chocolate is created equal; the same goes for its energizing properties. Look for dark chocolate which has an increased nitric acid level and more antioxidants than milk chocolate. My favorite recipe is adding dark chocolate chips and nut butter to a bowl of oatmeal, for a meal full of healthy carbohydrates and fat. 

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Hana Brannigan

3. Bananas

Loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber, bananas are great for times when you need an energy boost. Not to mention how portable they are; perfect for when you’re rushing to your biology lab or to the gym. Considered both a simple and complex carbohydrate, bananas contain fructose which does not spike your blood sugar, making it ideal to eat first thing in the morning or mid-afternoon.

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Jordan Stovka

4. Clementines

This cute and small fruit, a cross between a Chinese mandarin and an orange, is packed with nutritional benefits. A clementine contains 36 milligrams of vitamin C, which helps transport fat to cells to convert it to energy. This makes a clementine an ideal snack when you’re feeling low on energy. The added benefits of this energizing food include potassium, fiber, and calcium which are all essential elements for a healthy body.

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Dina Zaret

5. Apples

There are so many benefits of apples, including fiber, hydration, iron, potassium and energy. Including an apple in your diet is not only smart from a nutritional standpoint, it’s delicious! My favorite ways to enjoy apples include spreading peanut butter on apple slices or enjoying apple chips with a handful of nuts.

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Julia Gilman

6. Pumpkin seeds

Have you ever carved a jack-o-lantern for Halloween and roasted the seeds leaving your house smelling like all things autumn? While not necessary to roast your own pumpkin seeds, including these nutritional powerhouses in your diet will leave you energized. Pumpkin seeds are some of the richest source of magnesium in such a small serving, helping to combat headaches, low blood sugar, insomnia, lack of energy and even a foul mood.

Kaitlyn Mulligan

7. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt, simply a thicker and creamier version of regular yogurt, has become incredibly popular. Because it’s so easy to digest, your body processes yogurt quickly making it a great source of energy. Greek yogurt contains almost twice as much protein as regular yogurt, which makes it a snack that’ll keep you full and energized for long. One of my favorite ways to eat this energizing food is mixing in honey and topping it with nuts, seeds and fruit!

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Sam Jesner