What’s something you immediately think of when someone mentions St. Patrick’s Day? If you thought green, you’re correct and if you thought booze well, you’re also correct. It’s the perfect opportunity to combine the two for some St. Patrick’s Day cocktails — responsibly of course. If you’re looking for some inspiration, these St. Patrick-inspired drinks from TikTok and Instagram are here to impress whether you're hosting a St. Paddy's party or just looking to add a splash of luck to your day.

Green Tequila Sunrise

What do blue and yellow make again? Find out with the festive Tequila Sunrise from chacha_inthecity on TikTok. Start by pouring 2 oz. of tequila into a shaker filled with ice. Add 1 oz. of blue curaçao and 3 oz. of orange juice, ensuring a blend of flavors and colors. Shake well to combine and chill the ingredients, then strain into a glass. The blue curaçao adds a stunning blue hue, while the orange juice brings a citrusy sweetness, complementing the tequila's kick.

Irish Gold

This cocktail from newportrifoodie on TikTok is as easy to make as it is delicious, it does the trick without all the hassle! You'll need Irish whiskey (Jameson Irish Whiskey is a fantastic choice), peach schnapps, orange juice, and ginger beer. a slice of lime for garnish. Combine the whiskey, schnapps, and orange juice over ice, top with ginger ale, and garnish with lime for a drink that brings you gold in both name and taste​​.

The Irish Maid

This drink will place you right amidst a sea of blooming flowers in a Saint Patrick-themed garden. The Irish Maid by the_cocktail_bible on Instagram combines the smoothness of Jameson whiskey with the sweet, subtle flavors of elderflower liqueur, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and cucumber. It's a sophisticated, refreshing drink that brings a bit of Irish charm to your table​​​​.

Saint Patrick’s Day Spirited Trio

Hot take: there isn’t a better trio than this one from TikTok’s homebarhero. For the classic Baby Guinness, layer 2/3 Kahlua at the bottom of a shot glass, then carefully float 1/3 Baileys on top to mimic the iconic stout's appearance. Start the Irish Indulgence shot by drizzling chocolate sauce inside the glass, then pour in 2/3 rum cream liqueur and top with 1/3 Irish whiskey. Lastly, mix up an Incredible Hulk Shot by combining 2/3 Hypnotic with 1/3 cognac, creating a vibrant green that's as strong as it is colorful.

The Forest Mocktail

Now this one is for our non-boozy friends. Make sure everybody’s involved in sipping some Irish luck with this Forest Mocktail by laybacklife on TikTok. It's a blend that marries the notes of mint syrup and the citrus notes of a classic lemonade. A garnish of a lemon slice adds the final touch. For an extra *oomf* add a sprinkle of green edible glitter, and this drink will bring the forest to the tip of your palate. 

Midori Sour

This a bonus cocktail because it’s one I order often and I have it memorized. So, for those who love a sour classic, the classic Midori Sour by Shinjiro Torii will cleanse your palate with a refreshing melon flavor. This cocktail blends dry gin (preferably Tanquereys) with lemon juices, Cointreau, and Midori liqueur, topped with a green gummy bear as garnish. It's the go-to clean and classic sour with a splash of St. Paddy’s green.