Last week, I went to Target looking for new seasonings to experiment with my chicken. I was hoping to find something other than 'Hickory Smoke' or 'Montreal Chicken'. I love them but they can get old after a while (so does using standard salt.)

While browsing, I came across something very different yet unique. Colorful salts! Who knew there were a such thing as pink or black salt (not bath salts)? Who knew I would get so excited finding black salt?

This discovery got me thinking about how people use these salts (besides the obvious.) So, this prompted me to start my research and now I'm ready to share my findings with you!

Himalayan Pink Salt

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Bethany Garcia

This exotic salt is mined from the second largest salt mine in the world called Khewra Salt Mine located in Pakistan.

It earned its' pink tint from the traces of iron oxide inside of it. It also has calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium and has lower sodium levels that regular table salt.

This salt can be used for sautéing, grilling, contemplating, etc. It's best to serve moist foods like mozzarella and sliced apples on it. The food will pick up a delicate saltiness that sets it off perfectly. You can even heat a salt block on the stove, then set it on a trivet at the table to sear scallops or thinly slice a steak.

Refined (Regular) Table Salt

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa | Unsplash

anete_lusina on unsplash

Everyone knows about this salt. It's the one that sits on the table next to its' lover, pepper, at a restaurant. The salt that can be added to any dish before and after it's cooked to give it a pop of flavor.

Did you know that table salt contains mostly sodium chloride? Yeah, 97 percent of it is and iodine is sometimes added.

The iodine is important to your health because it prevents iodine deficiency which can lead to issues like hypothyroidism.

Sea Salt

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Sunny Liu

Sea salt is very similar to table salt except it's less grounded, and contains traces of minerals like potassium, iron and zinc; but not iodine.

The best thing for this salt is to sprinkle some of this on top of any dish and you'll experience a more potent bust of flavor than you would with any other salt.

Kosher Salt

Jennifer Elias

This salt can be used to prepare Kosher meals and is Kosher certified. This salt is coarse and doesn't dissolve as easily as other.

It's very versatile and is great for seasoning meats and making it extra tender, juicy and flavorful. Plus, you can use this salt on the rim of your margaritas. Yas!

Hawaiian Black Salts

On the beach in Hawaii, by Adrian Benea | Unsplash

adrianbenea on unsplash

These odd looking rocks are also known as volcanic salts; which is technically a true statement. They are made by combining activated charcoal sea salt to achieve their arresting color and powerful detoxifying properties. Pretty cool, huh?

It has a crunchy texture to it. Sprinkle this bad boy over salads, egg dishes, and grilled fish. Or use it to top breads or fancy desserts for a unique look.

Learning new things is interesting and all; but how can it benefit you in the kitchen? Well, it'll allow you to be more open-minded about what and how you season.

These salts can be used for just about anything; but some can benefit a certain foods, like beef, better than the others. Ingredients do matter!