A game day is never complete without Dad yelling at the TV, a cold one in hand, and obviously some killer appetizers.

If you are mildly scared of the kitchen/don't think you have the right skills to be cooking, then look no further because this is the article for you. Cooking for a crowd is an intimidating (and cooking for hungry football fans is even more challenging of a task. Have no fear, these recipes are football fan approved, and tested by kitchen newbies. 

Each of these recipes are the perfect way to steer clear of store-bought appetizers, without making you feel like you're on Chopped

Ok, let's do this.

1. Tater Tot Nachos

meat, vegetable, sauce, beef, pork, parsley
Emma Lally

What's better than tater tots? Oh right, tater tots covered in cheesy goodness. This recipe serves four (as in, all for me). The beautiful thing about this appetizer (other than the cheese) is that you can top it with whatever your game-day heart desires.

2. Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

sauce, vegetable, meat, chicken
Maxwell Faucher

A mash up of two favorites—how American can we get here? Buffalo almost always has to make an appearance at tailgate parties (because who doesn't love buffalo?). 

3. Bacon-Wrapped Mozzarella Bombs

bacon, sausage, pork
Christopher Garcia

A dynamic duo comes together again. Easy, breezy, bacon-ey. This quick appetizer is easy to put together and packs a flavor punch that'll make you want to do a touchdown-dance.

4. Tailgate Cheese Dip

Addison Skaggs

Cheese and bacon anything is a win-win in any situation. Skip the store-bought queso dip and surprise yourself with how easy this appetizer is to make. 

5. DIY Guacamole

vegetable, guacamole, chili
Parisa Soraya

And no, guac isn't extra.

Guacamole is a popular dip/topping to put on all you favorites, and now you'll be able to master it by yourself. 

These appetizers aren't too hard to make and will be definite crowd pleasers, so get ready to impress everyone during half-time and make their tastebuds dance like Ezekiel Elliot in the end zone.