Nothing will get you in the mood for spring like a fresh and fruity cocktail or two, here are some simple recipes for you to try out at home!

1. Strawberry Mojito

Fresh Strawberries 3-5

Fresh Lime 1/2

Fresh Mint Leaves

Sugar Syrup 20ml (or a pinch of sugar)

Light Rum 60ml

Sparkling Water

Crushed Ice

To make this classic cocktail with a berry twist you start by slicing up your strawberries and lime into wedges which you can then pop into your glass. Add the sugar syrup to the fruit and then muddle up the fruit and sugar mix so that all the juices get released.

Next step is to add the mint leaves (give them a gentle tap before putting them in the glass, it helps to release the flavour), and then add the light rum to the drink. Once you’ve added the rum you can fill the glass to just over half way with crushed ice and stir the drink so that all the fruit juices, mint leaves, rum and ice get mixed together.

You can then top it off with some sparkling water and fill the glass to the brim with crushed ice, now you can add a straw (and a mint sprig if you’d like a garnish) and enjoy your drink.

2. Tom Collins

Fresh Lemon Juice 30ml

Sugar Syrup 15ml

Gin 60ml

Sparkling Water

To make this refreshing cocktail all you need to do is fill your glass with ice, and pour in the lemon juice, sugar syrup and gin. Once you’ve done that fill the rest of your glass up with sparkling water and you’ve got yourself a delicious drink.

3. Berry Bramble

Fresh Blackberries 3-5

Fresh Raspberries 3-5

Gin 40ml

Lemon Juice 20ml

Sugar Syrup 10ml

Blackberry Liqueur (Also called Crème du Mure) 20ml

Crushed Ice

For this berry themed cocktail start by putting your fresh berries in to a rocks glass, adding the sugar syrup and lemon juice, and then muddling it all up to get the juices released from the berries for a strong flavour. Next add in the Gin and, using crushed ice, fill the glass until it’s around three quarters full. Then gently stir your drink to get all the ingredients nicely mixed before filling the rest of the glass with more crushed ice. The final step is to add the Crème de Mure, which will give your drink that extra kick of berry flavour.

So grab a straw, sit back, relax and celebrate the start of spring in style.