The Stanley Cup Finals are upon us. This year, the Washington Capitals are playing for the cup for the first time in 20 years and the Las Vegas Golden Knights are ending their first season as a team. The Golden Knights won the first game and the Capitals won the next three in the series. Game 5 is set for Thursday, June 7 in Las Vegas. The series is best of 7, so the first team to win 4 games wins The Stanley Cup. 

There are all kinds of fun traditions with the cup, including players eating out of it on their day with it. Since we all can't do that at a watch party, here are some other fun snack suggestions for your Stanley Cup Finals watch party:

Cake Pops

No party would ever be complete without cake pops. They are easy, and delicious. You could make your own cake pops, which is always fun- who doesn't love to eat frosting while making a party snack? But, if you're short on time, you can buy some pre-made cake pops and decorate them before puck drop. If cake is not your thing, you can hack your cake pop display by putting Oreos on cake pop sticks and dipping them in chocolate! 

The Caps and Knights both have pretty detailed logos which can be tedious to draw but there are lots of other hockey themed decorations that still use the team colors (red or gold). You can decorate with the team name, the jersey numbers of your favorite players, or the team chant (Let's Go Caps or Go Knights Go). 

Cupcake Cake

Cupcakes (or cupcake cakes) are always a crowd favorite. They are easy to make and eat! Hockey pucks are round, so a cupcake cake in the shape of a puck is pretty easy to pull off. For a more ambitious design, you could go for 2 crossed hockey sticks the NHL shield, or even the shape of the team's logo. 

The design possibilities are endless. You can frost them all with your team's colors, put each player's number on a cupcake or write the team name across the whole cake, just to name a few. 

A Piñata

Hockey can get pretty violent, especially with playoff level fights. However, the players aren't the only ones who get to have fun. For a bit of excitement during your watch party, fill a piñata (it could be NHL themed, or not) with your favorite candy (hello Costco size bags) and hang it near your couch (far enough away so as not to hurt any guests, but close enough that you can see the game while hitting it). Each time a fight breaks out during the game, each guest should take one turn hitting it open. Before you know it, your couch will be covered with candy and everyone will have taken out their stress on your super fun piñata.