When you think of Mexican food, what comes to mind? Most likely you dream of sizzling chicken fajitas, cheesy nachos, or a crunchy carnitas taco. But what about those of us who are trying to eat fewer animal products? It can be tougher for us to visualize the perfect Mexican-inspired meal without meat. 

Whether you're trying to make "meatless Monday" part of your weekly routine or are going totally vegan, cutting out meat doesn't have to mean giving up on your favorite foods. These Mexican tofu recipes showcase just a few of the ways you can use this soy-based ingredient  in all of your Mexican favorites in a healthy and animal-friendly way.



Chilaquiles are a classic Mexican breakfast that let you use up all the leftovers from the night before. The same holds true for this vegan version, which replaces the traditional eggs with a tofu scramble.

Got some tortilla chips that are starting to go stale? Perfect! Need to use up those beans in the fridge? Throw 'em in! This quick recipe is even quicker when made with leftover tofu scramble, so go ahead and make a double batch tomorrow morning and enjoy chilaquiles the next day!

Breakfast Nachos

Who says nachos are only for sports bars? These fun and fresh nachos are great for breakfast with creamy avocado and a spicy tofu scramble.

Breakfast Burritos

These breakfast burritos are a fantastic recipe to make ahead and freeze for busy mornings when you don’t have time to cook (but you might want to add the avocado after).


DIY Chipotle Sofritas

avocado, salad, quinoa, chicken
Katherine Baker

Back in 2014, Chipotle unveiled its vegetarian protein option, sofritas. But some days you can’t be bothered to leave the house, even for Chipotle. This copycat recipe comes to the rescue on those days! This is the ultimate lazy day, budget-friendly dinner with simple ingredients that come together in about 15 minutes.

Barbecue Tofu Fiesta Salad

This barbecue tofu Mexican salad is perfect for summer days. Its bright, fresh ingredients are as visually appealing as they are tasty. For a completely vegan version, sub dairy-free sour cream or a plant-based yogurt for the sour cream in the dressing. 


Just like Abuela used to make, but without the meat. This recipe utilizes pre-seasoned tofu, so the whole thing comes together in a snap, minus the chilling time for the dough.

Tofu Taquitos

Photo courtesy of Julie Balutis

Did someone say taquitos? This vegetarian version of the classic crispy treat is lightened up by baking them instead of frying. If you’re feeling adventurous,  you could always fry them instead, like in this taquitos recipe

Mexican Tofu Casserole

This casserole with sofrita-style tofu packs a spicy punch from canned chipotle peppers. It's sure to be a hit at your next fiesta!

Mock Chorizo

This vegan chorizo is chock full of chilies. Use this spicy tofu anywhere you'd use traditional chorizo—in tacos, burritos, omelets, or these crazy chorizo breadsticks

Beer Battered Tofu Tacos

For seafood lovers, this recipe features crispy, beer-battered tofu strips served with a fresh and colorful cabbage slaw and vegan chipotle aioli. You'll give any taqueria a run for its money.

Tofu Tortilla Soup

For chilly days, this spicy vegan tortilla soup is sure to warm you up. With yummy, hearty cubes of tofu, you'll never miss the chicken.

Anytime Meals

Nacho "Cheese"

When it comes to tofu, the possibilities are endless. This creamy, cheesy nacho dip is dairy-free and high-protein. I won’t judge if you start putting this on everything.

Sour Cream

Photo courtesy of Trent Lanz

What’s a Mexican meal without sour cream? As with the nacho “cheese,” the tofu in this recipe provides a creamy texture to the final product. As a bonus, this recipe has significantly less fat than traditional or nut-based sour creams.

Queso Fresco

For a more traditional take on tofu-based cheese, this tutorial for queso fresco-like crumbly tofu hits the mark. Like the classic Mexican cheese, it's tangy, salty, springy, and crumbly rather than melty. NOTE: This tutorial is entirely in Spanish. Use automatic translation at your own risk!


You can drink tofu? What?? This recipe takes the classic creamy Mexican horchata and makes it into a high-protein treat that’s pretty healthy. The silken tofu makes this drink, well, silky, and so delicious you’d never know it's made of tofu. Possibly the quickest and easiest of these Mexican tofu recipes, it only takes a couple minutes to whip up, so why not give it a try?

Whether you're cutting animal products for your health, for the environment, for the animals, or just to try something new, cooking with tofu can be a fun and incredibly delicious. So head to the cocina and get cooking with these easy Mexican tofu recipes.