For Irish-Americans, St. Patrick's Day is the day we proudly celebrate our heritage, don our green, and toast to our motherland. Through traditions like attending Mass, blasting the music of the Cranberries and Snow Patrol, and rushing to see local parades, this is the one day of the year that we get to show off our love for Ireland. Even if you aren't Irish, this serves as a day to enjoy our amazing culture and food. While there are many Irish food recipes littering the internet, these delicious ones will help you to step up your St. Paddy's Day game. 

1. Irish Whiskey Burger

sandwich, bacon, pastrami, beef, cheese
Ari Collura

A beautiful burger mixed with whiskey, and Irish whiskey no less? Yes, please. Topped with bacon, onions, and Dubliner cheese, this will be the most delectable burger come party time.

2. Potato Skins

You can't have a St. Patrick's Day without potatoes joining the party. What separates these mouthwatering potato skins from others is the mix-in of milk, butter, cheese, and—get ready for this—cabbage. The ultimate Irish mix.

3. Potato Soup

cream, soup, vegetable, milk, dairy product
Christine Chang

Keeping with the potato theme, this hearty soup pairs potatoes with bacon once more. You can never go wrong with having multiple starchy foods amid one of the heaviest drinking days of the year.

4. Irish Soda Bread

chocolate, sweet, cake, cookie, pastry, bread, scone
Nicole Drago

Growing up, I always looked forward to the soda bread making an appearance on the kitchen counter, only to be devoured within a day. The raisins may be a turn off for some, but with its sweet kick, this will be sure to please all. If the raisins serve as a source of controversy, here's a traditional recipe without them.

5. Irish Coffee

Never heard of an Irish coffee? I can distinctly remember this drink being concocted during the holidays in pubs, and especially on St. Patrick's Day. With the smooth cream completing this spiked coffee, this is a definite crowd pleaser.

6. Shepherd's Pie

This is a pub staple that's quick and easy to whip up. What really takes this traditional Irish food recipe to the next level is the Worcestershire sauce. Simple and filling!

7. Irish Stew

soup, vegetable
Tiare Brown

Another hearty potato soup option that will undoubtedly fulfill your appetite. I've always enjoyed this as the main course since it encompasses every culinary favorite of mine: soup, carrots, softened potatoes, and fall-apart-in-your-mouth meat.

8. Black and White Pudding

Want a sure party shocker? Black and white pudding, traditionally made from pig's blood, is your answer. This Irish breakfast staple unquestionably requires a certain palate. It has a strong taste, with the pig's blood being the central flavor.

9. Mince Pies

jam, dough, cookie, chocolate, pie, cake, pastry, sweet, fourth of july, dessert, tart, cherry pie
Julia Gilman

No, these delicious mini pies from heaven are not completely made from meat. While you can certainly add meat if you want, mincemeat is typically dried fruit and spices. Mince pies can be small enough that they can be considered finger food, and can be paired well with a hearty main course.

10. Boxty

Surprise, surprise. Boxty is yet another potato recipe that brings the late-night breakfast trend to the dinner table. A mix between a pancake and a hash brown, boxty is the perfect appetizer.

11. Trifle

cream, sweet, strawberry, pudding, berry, gelatin, milk
Arden Sarner

It's a crying shame that more people haven't heard about trifle. A running theme in these recipes is the use, sometimes excessively, of butter. I can remember this being made with excessive butter, and instead of it overpowering the entire dish, it served as an incredible balance between the actual trifle and the cake.

12. Irish Scones

Upgrade scones from breakfast to dessert. Spreading some whipped cream or jam inside adds a whole new level to this traditional recipe.

13. Porter Cake

Incorporating porter, whether it be Guinness or any Irish brew, this fruit cake is soft enough to fall apart in your mouth. The brew creates a rich flavor that's hard to beat.

14. Chocolate Stout Cupcakes

chocolate, beer
Jaime Wilson

As you can tell, alcohol-infused foods are a large part of St. Patrick's Day in America. These chocolatey cupcakes are topped with delicious Irish cream, bringing together two of my absolute favorite things.

15. Corned Beef and Cabbage

Last but not least is the mother of all Irish foods. Whether you're Irish or not, this a dish that's widely consumed on St. Patrick's Day. Simply no party is complete without this dish.

Irish food is seriously underrated. From hearty potato recipes to Guinness-infused creations, St. Patrick's Day is a celebration of a rich culture full of amazing foods. The best part about the holiday? You don't have to be Irish to enjoy it! These Irish food recipes are sure to please your guests for every St. Paddy's Day to come.